FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — BEDFORD HILLS, NY — (Marketwire – April 25, 2012) – –SavATree has announced that it will now offer Organic Tick Treatments to clients.

The mild winter of 2011-2012 not only allowed more ticks to survive but also provided them earlier-than-usual access to food sources in the form of people and pets taking advantage of the warm temperatures. With these hungry ticks lying in wait, many homeowners are looking for solutions to protect their families, reduce the risk of bites and Lyme disease and maintain a green landscape.

To meet this need, SavATree is now offering Organic Tick Treatments to customers. The product used in these treatments kills ticks on contact and provides residual control that lasts from 30-60 days. Applications are performed by covering the entire property starting with the ecotone area that divides the customers’ yard and tree line. This particular area is known to be the preferred habitat of the deer tick. A light mist is also applied to the customers’ lawn. Tick treatments

Organic treatments offer a minimum risk solution that does not require EPA registration because its ingredients are considered to be non-hazardous. “We’re excited about the addition of Organic Tick Control to our list of services” said Patrick Parker, Director of Plant Health Care at SavATree. “I’m confident that our Organic Tick Treatment will help our customers greatly reduce tick populations and keep their landscapes healthy and green.”

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