Case Study: Roosevelt Island, 2012


In August, 2012 the SavATree Consulting Group was contracted by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation to perform a tree inventory of the Island. Over the course of 3 weeks, the Consulting Group analyzed over 1,600 trees in zones designated by the client. Using GPS-based technology and an iPad equipped with state of the art software, each tree was geo-tagged and given individual notes on characteristics such as:

  • Diameter
  • Species
  • General Condition/Health
  • Recommended management activities (prune, remove, fertilize, insect treatment, apply mulch, disease treatment, irrigation or none)
  • Priority level to perform recommended activity (low, medium, high, critical)

The end result was a comprehensive database of actionable intelligence on each tree that would allow the client to make informed decisions on the care of these trees.


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