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Northwest Tree Specialists

Hillsboro, OR

“As a board-certified Master Arborist, I have always wanted to help people and trees be happier. Merging with SavATree has enabled me to concentrate all my efforts on that – giving me the opportunity to be in my essence, thanks to their pre-existing relationships, more equipment and teams to serve my customers and all the backoffice support I need.”

Trevor March


Six Locations in New Jersey

“Since joining forces, our arborists are satisfied, our clients are satisfied and our workforce is satisfied; but the most exciting aspect of this opportunity is being part of the national roll up from coast to coast with other tree care companies. Exciting times ahead, indeed!”

James Bellis

Preservation Tree Services

Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

“It was amazing to see a company do what they said they were going to do. SavATree onboarded every employee, issued new uniforms, safety equipment, phones, tablets, and computers to perform their jobs, and even had new business cards ready – all on day one!”

AJ Thibodeaux

SavATree Tree Services & Lawn Care


Hayward, CA

“We considered selling the company a few years back; but the M&A firm we were speaking with did not share our vision. Knowing the SavATree brand and their success in growth and vision for the future were key factors in changing our decision to sell. Plus, as an ESOP company, the transaction had to be beneficial to our employee shareholders. Because SavATree’s dedicated transition team invested the time to learn how we operate our business, which, unlike their model, is 90% commercial, their offer was ultimately the most aggressive in terms of ROI and future growth potential.

This partnership completes my 50-year journey to cultivate long-term relationships with our customers and employees with a “service and attention to client first” attitude – and provides an ideal exit strategy. I look forward to helping SavATree continue be successful in their mission where and when I can.”

Peter Sortwell

SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

Downey Trees

Atlanta & Savannah, GA and Destin, FL

“Once I made the decision to sell my business, I spoke with several firms. Ultimately, it came down to this question: Which company can I count on to provide not just jobs, but long-term careers and growth opportunities for my 80 employees – a place they could call home? SavATree delivered on that promise in every way, in addition to providing a seamless transition with the merger – not an easy task with three locations in two states.”

Paul Bagley

SavATree Tree Services & Lawn Care

Ping’s Tree Service

Indianapolis, IN

“Investing more than 40 years into building a business from the ground up, with my wife Stephanie by my side for most of them, was like raising a family. So when it came time to take the next step, I wasn’t about to sell our ‘baby’ to just anybody. I spoke with others interested in buying Ping’s Tree Service; but when I met the folks at Sav-A-Tree, I knew these were people I could trust. As things turned out, it was a win for everybody – for me, for my customers, for my managers and for my employees (our ‘family’). Everyone who wanted to stay with the company did – including my daughter Lisa, who is thriving as a District Manager. That’s a pretty rare and unusual combination when selling a business.”

Phil Ping

SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

Wasatch Arborists

Salt Lake City, UT

“The most important consideration in selling my business was to choose a company whose core philosophies I believe in – a  company I can stand behind. That’s SavATree. And because I wanted to remain active in the industry, my decision to join Sav-A-Tree has been even more rewarding. With a national position as General Tree Care Talent Developer, I can contribute to this growing company with great ideas and an exciting future by recruiting new team members and training them to the highest industry standards.”

Ryan Torcicollo

SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care


Denver, Colorado

“My company, Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape was the #1 provider in the Denver market when I began considering potential partners for selling my business. We grew Swingle through a combination of acquisitions and singular focus on customer service excellence – so I was looking for a company with a similar philosophy. SavATree is that company. They have a competitive financial package for owners as well as career paths for employees. Their leadership team and systems are primed for acquisitive growth as they have integrated dozens of acquisitions throughout the United States. SavATree understands that brand transitions must be done with care to maintain brand value in the markets you serve. SavATree’s commitment to customers, employees and communities will allow you to provide continuity and opportunities to those that have helped you succeed.”

Tom Tolkacz

SavATree Tree Services & Lawn Care


Sterling, VA

“Thrive, Plant Health Care Solutions was a full service Arboricultural company devoted to servicing high end residential clients. Our company was established, including all processes, procedures, and hand picked employees to focus on delivering a superior product to a very discriminating and demanding clientele. Our motto; “flawless execution”.”

Ron Rubin

st croix acquisition savatree handshake

St. Croix Tree Service

St. Croix, Minnesota

“I recently deposited my last payment from SavATree representing the final proceeds from the sale of my business, St. Croix Tree – an industry leader in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market. I have done a number of deals in my life with mixed results, however the sale to SavATree would rate near the top. It was important to me that the business continue with a focus on employees, clients and reputation. SavATree has exceeded my expectations on all accounts.”

Dennis Ullom

SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

Integrity Tree Service

Phoenix, Arizona

“In many ways selling your business is a “walk of faith.” You trust that the company you’ve chosen will do the right thing throughout the transaction and beyond. I know I chose the right company to shepherd our legacy into the next couple of decades. I find myself bragging on SavATree to my wife and daughter, often mentioning the commitment to excellence through continuous improvement and other Lean Sigma principles. There is consistency and transparency from the top down, with leadership walking the walk and talking the talk. I know we are in good hands, and the experience has been so positive I’m rethinking my plans and considering extending my time with SavATree.”

John Eisenhower

SavATree - Tree Service & Lawn Care

Town and Country Tree Experts

Wyckoff, NJ

“Promise made = promise kept. Looking back on my merger experience with SavATree, what I value most was the honesty that was woven throughout my dealings with Daniel. I think every owner has a few specific things that they need in a deal to make it work. Daniel kept his word on the things that mattered most to me. The payout formula was fair, and provided the financial assurances that I needed. I have found many advantages in being an arborist versus an owner. Mainly I am glad to be rid of the headaches of equipment breakdowns, payroll hassles and paperwork. I enjoy focusing on my clients and an improved lifestyle with less stress. And now I can take real vacations knowing that the business is being cared for in my absence. I have a higher quality of life now, and enjoy what I am doing. My team also stayed on with SavATree, with several still working for the company and a few retiring. For me, selling to SavATree was a good move”

Curt Sumner