Reduce Water Waste with an Irrigation System from SavATree Irrigation Innovations

Irrigation Services

SavATree Irrigation Innovations can help you achieve a beautiful yard while helping to reduce water waste.

Water is a vital resource and the foundation for a healthy and vigorous landscape. But, water itself is one of our most precious resources. Not to worry ― there is a solution. With the help of an efficient automatic irrigation system, you can achieve a beautiful landscape while still conserving water.

An advanced irrigation system from SavATree Irrigation Innovations, formerly Keep’t Green, can deliver precisely the right amount of water, at appropriate intervals, to meet the unique needs of your landscape. Using an automatic sprinkler system significantly reduces water use, is convenient and cost-effective.

SavATree’s drip irrigation system, recommended for flowers, trees and shrubs, puts water right at the roots, maintaining the optimum moisture level in the soil. In addition, evaporation is minimized and water is not wasted on non-growth areas.

The result is more abundant foliage and deeper roots to nourish plants ― not to mention less water waste.

New This Season!

SavATree now offers Toro’s new Precision Series Spray Nozzles on new systems for beds and small lawn areas. These nozzles are specifically designed to use less water and reduce run off.

Something to Think About…
US Homeowners use more than 7 billion gallons of water a day to nourish their landscapes… And, more than half of that is wasted by evaporation, wind or runoff. Just think how much water could be saved if every home had a responsible irrigation system!