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For Immediate Release – April 23, 2010

SavATree Arborist Helps Kids Celebrate
Earth Day

An arborist with SavATree led a group of children on a 20′ climb up a tree. The point? To show kids a different side of trees: the fun and beautiful side.

Earth Day is a day in which we celebrate Earth and the environment. It’s a day in which we are reminded of just how precious they are and that it’s our job to protect and preserve them.

At this year’s Earth Day celebration, held at the Eagleville Park in Lower Providence, PA tree climbing was the most popular kid’s attraction. Matt Zawislak, a SavATree Arborists, spent the afternoon teaching children of the beauty trees afford us from a from a slightly different angle — kids were harnessed and taught how to climb like the pros — some even making it all of the way up the 20′ summit.

“The kids loved it! Most could be heard laughing from the ground. Several commented on how tough it was and how tired they were when they returned to the ground,” Matt said.

Matt went on to say, “The event, which is geared to raise green awareness by promoting recycling and the use of organic products as well as working with only certified arborists for tree services was a huge success and I’m already looking forward to next year.”

In addition to the SavATree arborist, children were entertained by a beekeeper, a magician and a presentation on the importance of being green.

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