FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — BEDFORD HILLS, NY — (Marketwire – September 28, 2012) – –The combination of strong deer birth rates this year and the expected snow totals and cold temperatures mean that deer feeding pressure may be much stronger than last winter. Deer damage in the winter can destroy some of the most significant investments on homeowner’s properties by stripping plants of foliage and buds for next season.

Deer birth rates were high this year due to the extremely mild winter last year, and higher survival rates for adult deer. More available food and resources led to healthier deer coming into the spring, and healthy deer are more likely to birth multiple offspring. Many deer births this year were twins and triplets, which will mean more hungry mouths to feed this winter. Long term weather predictors such as the Farmer’s Almanac are calling for a colder than average winter, with higher snow accumulations than last year. Cold temperatures will quickly diminish fat supplies that deer have amassed through the fall, leaving them hungry and looking for food. The first place they will often turn is valuable landscape plantings.

To combat this problem, SavATree is recommending to clients a program to keep deer on guard and off balance. This strategy incorporates a variety of prevention techniques including treatments and installation of ultrasonic units that make deer uncomfortable and less likely to stop and browse.

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