Tree Planting

Colorado’s unique soil and climate can make planting tricky, but our arborists have the expertise you need to choose and plant trees you’ll enjoy for years to come.

First we’ll evaluate your goals and help you determine what you’d like your trees to bring to your property. Do you want shade, screening, spring flowers, fall color, or just a lovely tree in the perfect spot?

When helping you decide what tree will work, we’ll look at its features and attributes. For example, some trees offer faster growth while others need protection from harsh northern exposures. Other trees have seed pods or tiny leaves, which can be a maintenance consideration.

Once you’ve picked your trees or shrubs and settled on a planting location, we’ll take care of the rest. That includes:

  • Choosing your plant at the nursery
  • Delivering and planting it
  • Initial watering
  • Adding a root stimulant additive to encourage fibrous root growth
  • Applying our mulch to conserve moisture
  • Creating a water well around the tree to make watering easier and more efficient
  • Staking the plant for support, if necessary
  • Providing a warranty

A tree is a beautiful investment. Get in touch to set up a free consultation with one of our experts.