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Feature Trees and Shrubs

COMMON PERSIMMON – The Common persimmon (Diospyros virginiana) is a deciduous tree that is grown for its beautiful foliage and edible fruit, and it is prized for its beauty and wood density…more

JAPANESE MAPLE – Their spectacular seasonal color, leaf variation, diverse shape, size and texture add richness to many landscapes…more

LILAC – Its colorful cluster of flowers and magnificent fragrance makes it a favorite shrub among gardeners and non-gardeners alike…more

VIRGINIA SWEETSPIRE – The sweetspire grows best in full sun but can flourish in partial shade in fertile and moist soil of varying pH levels. It is generally uninhabited by pests…more

WHITE OAK – Despite its name, the white oak is characterized by a grayish and scaly bark marked with shallow rivets…more


BACKYARD GARDENING FOR KIDS – Spring is the time to encourage young gardeners to watch their peas and cukes! Why not help cultivate a child’s green thumb…more

COOKING WITH ZUCCHINI BLOSSOMS – There’s nothing as wonderful as a salad or entire meal prepared with vegetables lovingly grown in your own garden…more

ENJOYING AND ENHANCING YOUR GARDEN IN WINTER – Are you one of those people who dread that time of year when they feel their garden is finished? I used to live in a house…more

FALL IS FOR PLANTING: BULBS ARE BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL – No single class of plants offers as much as bulbs. The term “bulb” has come to include a wide range of plants that are perennial…more

FLOWERING POWER – Our clients frequently ask for specific information on flowering trees. Do my flowering trees require any special care?…more

FLOWERS ARE BOTH BEAUTIFUL AND DELICIOUS – When it is summertime and the living is easy…why not use this time to experiment with some of the flowers in your garden…more

FORCE A TOUCH OF SPRING INTO YOUR HOME – If you cant’ wait for spring to savor the sight of flowers in bloom, don’t despair. You can easily arrange a preview by cutting…more

GROW CUT FLOWERS: CULTIVATING YOUR OWN CUTTING GARDEN – There is nothing like the color and scent of fresh flowers to brighten up your home and your spirits. However, if you have bought cut flowers…more

GROW HERBS FOR FUN, FRAGRANCE AND FLAVOR! – Fresh herbs can be a year-round treat when you grow your own herb garden. Herbs bring the glory of the country…more

HERB GARDENING – If you are looking for a natural way to enhance food, eat healthy and be more relaxed, it’s time to explore the many benefits of herb gardening…more

HOW TO GROW ROBUST ROSES – Though there are approximately 5,000 different cultivars of roses, all of them can be grouped into two main classes: bush and climbing…more

IT’S TIME TO SHAPE YOUR SHRUBBERY – Generally, the best time to prune shrubs is when they begin to look untidy; however, shrub pruning is ideally performed between late spring…more

PLANNING THE PERFECT PATIO GARDEN – To achieve the most enjoyment from the fragrance and colorful splendor of your annual and perennial plantings this season…more

THE POWER OF PUMPKINS – This autumn, take a look around you and you’ll see pumpkins everywhere in fields, on farm stands and in store window displays…more

TRIM, TAPER AND TRAIN YOUR TOPIARY – Since the days of the ancient Romans, the art of topiary gardening has been cultivated for both its aesthetic and practical benefits…more

THE ART OF COLLECTING UNCOMMON ORNAMENTALS – Like distinctive art or furnishings, uncommon ornamental trees and shrubs help make a landscape a personal expression…more

BATS…A WELCOME ADDITION? – Insects are quite willing to live in most anyone’s home, lawn or garden. However, most of us are unwilling to share our homes…more

CAN TREES & LAWNS LIVE TOGETHER IN HARMONY? – The environment in which we live and work is greatly enhanced by the use of trees, shrubs, ground covers and turf…more

COLLECTING UNCOMMON SPECIES – Uncommon specimen trees exhibit all of the characteristics of a great collectible. They are truly rare, uniquely beautiful…more

DEAD TREES ARE FULL OF LIFE – What should you do if you have a lifeless tree on your property? Consider your options. Although trees lose most of their aesthetic…more

DWARF APPLE TREES – When you browse through nursery catalogs, do you find yourself staring longingly at photos of bountiful apple trees laden with bright red fruit…more

FALL IS A GREAT TIME FOR PLANTING TREES – There is a false perception in the gardening world that fall is the end of the growing season. In fact, it is quite the contrary…more

MATURE TREE TRANSPLANTS: A GROWING TREND – After walking through a forest, have you ever wished that you could capture and feature the majestic beauty of these large trees…more

SELLING YOUR HOME? RENOVATING? SPRUCING UP? – Looking for some ways to keep your trees, shrubs and lawn healthy while you make the most of the warm weather months?…more

HABITAT RESTORATION: GOING NATIVE WITH YOUR LANDSCAPE – Sometimes it seems like you have to travel to the farthest reaches of the globe to find truly undisturbed…more

TREE CARVING – Large old feature trees are marvelous living structures. Unfortunately, even with the best of care, mature specimens…more

TRELLIS YOUR TREES AND SHRUBS – Want to add a unique touch to your landscape? Plant a beautiful climbing vine at the base of one of your trees or shrubs!…more

WOODPECKERS: NOVELTY OR NUISANCE? – People are often interested and sometimes irritated by the tap-tap-tap or noisy drumming made by woodpeckers…more
Lawn Care

ALL SEEDS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL – Choosing the right grass seed is important in establishing a new lawn or renovating and existing one. Before you purchase seed…more

CHOOSING A LAWN CARE COMPANY – Here is a checklist to help you choose the best lawn care service provider for your needs…more

CONTEMPORARY LAWNS AND ALTERNATIVES – Lawns provide many functions and benefits ranging from recreational to environmental…more

THE DIRT ON DIRT – How well do you know the soil of your landscape? Familiarizing yourself with the texture, structure and fertility of your soil…more

FALL LAWN SEEDING: WHEN IS THE BEST TIME? – The best time to seed is from late August to mid September. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about seeding…more

FALL & WINTER: TIME TO BUILD A FOUNDATION – Fall is a time when lawns have an excellent opportunity to increase root depth and mass. Many of us are unaware that the care…more

FALL/WINTER LAWN CARE TIPS – By fertilizing your lawn this fall, you will be making an investment in your lawn’s root system that will reap considerable returns….more

FITNESS PROGRAM FOR YOUR LAWN – Carefully timed applications of balanced fertilizers provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive…more

FORMULA FOR A QUALITY LAWN – Developing and maintaining a good lawn requires a team effort. Today, many homeowners are realizing that it is possible to create…more

HOW NITROGEN SUPPORTS PLANT GROWTH – The nitrogen in the environment is synthesized into fertilizers which are readily available to plants. A proper application of balanced fertilizer…more

PLAY BALL! TURF ON ATHLETIC FIELDS – One of the most fun and interesting places for SavATree / SavaLawn to be servicing is the home of the Hudson Valley Renegades…more

REESTABLISHING YOUR LAWN – There are five main parts to properly establishing a healthy lawn: clearing and grading, soil preparation; seeding or installing sod, watering and maintenance…more

RESTORE YOUR LUSH, GREEN LAWN – Extensive drought takes its toll on many landscape plantings and impacts your lawn. The shortage of rainfall further stresses…more

REVITALIZING YOUR LAWN – While your trees, shrubs and garden are thriving, a poor-looking lawn can drag down the appearance of your whole landscape!…more

SNOW MOLD – Snow mold is a fungal disease that appears when snow melts in early spring. It is most common in years with early snows over ground that has not had a chance to freeze…more

WHAT EFFECT DOES A WARM WINTER HAVE ON YOUR LAWN – The winter of 1997-1998 will go down as one, of the warmest in the history of the northeast. As a result…more

WHO’S TAKING CARE OF YOUR LAWN? – You, your gardener, a landscaper, SavaLawn, someone else? Turf grass adds to the beauty of our lives and contributes to…more
Legal Issues: Arboriculture and the Law

RIGHT TO A VIEW – Part of your home purchase decision was based on the beautiful view of the river below. Now, years later, your neighbor’s tree has grown so large it obscures your view…more

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES? – Verdicts regarding responsibility for damages due to falling limbs or trees along a street or sidewalk vary greatly among municipalities and states…more
Tree Health & Safety

AFTER EFFECTS OF A DROUGHT – What are the effects of drought? During a severe drought, the delicate root hairs responsible for the uptake of soil moisture and nutrients…more

THE AIR SPADE: EXCITING NEW TECHNOLOGY – The air spade is a state-of-the art excavation tool that is revolutionizing the arboricultural industry…more

ARE LICHENS HARMFUL TO YOUR TREES? – What comes to mind when you hear the word lichen? Perhaps a plant or some sort of algae? A fungus, or a moss?…more

CAN TREES BE PROTECTED FROM LIGHTNING? – Although golfers and church steeples get all the publicity when they are struck by lightning, trees are the most common targets…more

CAN TREES BE PRUNED IN WINTER? – Pruning improves tree structure as well as plant appearance. It is also used as a preventative maintenance against future problems…more

CHOOSING A TREE CARE COMPANY – Here is a checklist to help you choose the best tree care service company for your needs…more

FACTS ON FIREWOOD – There’s nothing like a crackling fire to take the chill out of cold winter days and nights. The sights, sounds and smells all contribute to that wonderful feeling…more

DEER: A BEAUTIFUL DISASTER FOR YOUR SHRUBS – Deer are both beautiful and frustrating. They are charming to watch, but they can also wreak havoc on your garden…more

FALL AND WINTER CARE FOR TREES – Trees need love too! It’s easy to take them for granted, until you lose an old friend during a storm, drought or insect infestation…more

HEALTH CARE FOR PLANTS – What is Plant Health Care (PHC) and why is it important to you and your landscape? By definition, PHC is the proactive approach to maintaining…more

PRESERVE FALL COLOR – Autumn is perhaps the most beautiful of all seasons. As daylight hours decrease and temperatures drop, trees begin winter preparation….more

PROTECTING TREES DURING CONSTRUCTION – Whether it is new home construction or an extensive renovation, minimizing the impact on the surrounding landscape takes careful planning…more

PROTECT YOUR TREES FROM WINTER DAMAGE – Freezing temperatures, wind, and winter sun can desiccate foliage, brown evergreens, damage bark and vascular tissue, and injure root systems and branches…more

MY TREES ARE SICK…I SHOULD FERTILIZE, RIGHT? – Not necessarily…Applying fertilizer to a tree that is fighting certain diseases or insects can actually…more

RECUPERATING FROM WINTER INJURY – Once the snow and ice has finally melted, the harsh effects which Old Man Winter has had on our trees is clearly visible and in need of attention…more

RESISTOGRAPH TECHNOLOGY – The resistograph is an instrument that detects decay and cavities in trees and timber. Through resistograph technology, an arborist…more

SALT INJURY: A SEASONAL PROBLEM – Better roadside traction takes its toll on trees and shrubs. During winter, tons of salt are used to improve slippery road conditions…more

SHOULD YOU SAVE YOUR FAVORITE TREE? – Is there anything more difficult than trying to decide if you should remove or save a damaged or ailing feature tree on your property?…more

STORM PROTECTION: BEFORE & AFTER – The condition of your landscape has an impact on your property value. Unfortunately, every time there is a storm, a large percentage of your property value could be compromised…more

STORMS & TREES: HERE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW – Is your landscape properly protected from the potential wrath of mother nature? Thousands of trees damaged by storms…more

TRACING THE TREE OF LIFE – Just like us, trees display distinct traits which change as they grow and mature. These traits are usually distinguishable depending on which stage of life a tree…more

TREE CAVATIES: TO FILL OR NOT TO FILL – A tree cavity is similar to a tooth cavity. Without proper treatment, the situation can only get worse. Unfortunately, cutting down on sweets…more

TREE FUNGUS: UNDERSTANDING FUNGI THAT INFECT TREES – Toadstools, puffballs, dwarf benches and mushrooms are just a few of the names given to describe some of the fungi that can be affecting your trees…more

TREES AND BEES – The sight of a bee crawling over a flower and collecting pollen is a familiar one to all of us. What we may not realize…more

TREE CARE TIPS – A collection of short, seasonal tree tips to boost your knowledge and help you get started with proper tree care…more

VERTICILLIUM WILT – During 2004, a record number of maple trees succumbed to Verticillium Wilt, a soil borne fungus that enters trees through the root system…more

WANTED ALIVE – The following Beneficial Insects are known to lurk in landscapes throughout the northeast: Assassin Bug, Predaceous Stink Bug…more

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO AFTER A WINTER STORM – After a heavy winter storm, assess any tree & shrub damage that may have occurred. If there is major damage…more

WHY TREES ARE MISUNDERSTOOD DURING STORMS – Trees falling on houses, across roads or taking out powerlines are spectacular events that local media love…more

WIND AND TREES: A STORMY RELATIONSHIP – Since the beginning of time, wind and trees have sustained a stormy relationship which is both constructive and destructive…more

YOUNG AND MATURE TREE CARE – Young trees benefit greatly from branch training to establish proper form and strength. If steps are taken when trees are in their formative stages, they will grow into…more

WINTERIZING YOUR TREES FROM TOP TO BOTTOM – In order to ensure a bountiful green turnout in the spring, a fall tree care program is essential to prepare your trees for exposure…more
Tree Reflections

THE PERFECT PLAYGROUND – My favorite thing to do as a kid growing up in Pennsylvania was playing in our massive oak tree. It was wide with an expansive canopy and many opposing branches…more

DRAWING THE OUTSIDE IN – As a lover of trees and interior designer, nothing inspires me more than the beauty of nature. My desk strategically faces a window overlooking my landscape…more
Special Interest

ADDING TO THE FAMILY – The tree care industry has seen a lot of merger activity. Although the firms often aren’t large enough to make headlines, the motives for merging are similar to the larger ones…more

THE BEAUTY OF KILIMANJARO – A few years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Tanzania and climbing the very magical Mount Kilimanjaro…more

CURB APPEAL IS VITAL WHEN SELLING A HOME – In real estate, curb appeal can be the difference between a house that sells quickly at top dollar, and one that languishes for months…more

ENVIRONMENTAL CELEBRATIONS – Arbor Day, the national tree planting holiday, was first celebrated on April 10, 1872. It is recognized as a day of promoting the importance of trees…more

ENVIRONMENTAL INTEGRITY – On this road to greenness, make sure not to overlook the essential implementation of cultural practices. Proper pruning; watering, seeding, aeration and selecting…more

FALL FOLIAGE: THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE BEAUTY – From the Northeast to the Midwest, people annually flock to see a beautiful transformation take place- fall foliage. Every autumn…more

GEORGE NAKASHIMA’S GRANDSON GIVES NEW LIFE TO TREES – Ru Amagasu is making his mark by refining and strengthening the work that his elder relation had begun. Integrating modern processes and machinery with old world craft and skills with a chisel…more

GREEN ALTERNATIVE – Want to reduce the population of destructive pests invading your plants, naturally? Well now a revolutionary method to attract beneficial, pest-fighting, insects to your property is available…more

GREEN CRUSADE – So how do you balance your landscape needs with the results you desire, while still being “green?” Start with a company that provides natural and responsible program choices…more

HISTORIC TREES SEE IT ALL – Did you ever find yourself standing under an old oak tree, looking up into its massive canopy and wondering what the world looked like when the tree…more

THE HISTORY AND MODERN USES OF BARK – Similar to skin, bark is the outer covering of a tree. It adapts to protect the living tree from the environment, and protects delicate…more

LISTENING TO YOUR TREES – One of the most wondrous features of a tree is that it will tell you everything you need to know about its condition once you know…more

LOOKING BACK & MOVING FORWARD – It has been said that fusion is the theme for the new millenium as people, styles and cultures increasingly mix together…more

LYME DISEASE: HOW TO MINIMIZE THE RISK – It is important to protect yourself from the risk of being bitten by the Deer Tick that transmits the infective spirochete bacteria…more

NEXT STEPS IN ORGANIC CARE – The line is blurring between landscape care services and agricultural cultivation. The reason for the blurring can be traced to consumers preferences…more

RESPECT YOUR ELDERS – Arborists advise proactive measures for maintaining a healthy landscape during periods of water use restriction & voluntary water conservation…more

TRIBAL TREE TRADITIONS – Have you ever considered what life would be like without trees? Many civilizations throughout history…more

WHY DO LEAVES CHANGE COLORS – Why do leaves turn yellow, red, purple and orange during autumn? As children, most of us heard answers that didn’t quite compute…more
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