J. Austin Corbo, Arborist

Territory and Services:

Austin operates out of SavATree’s Sterling branch in Virginia, providing comprehensive tree, shrub, lawn, tick and deer services to Great Falls, Sterling and Potomac Falls, VA. Some popular services that he offers to clients in the Great Falls area include tree removal, tree pruning and trimming, tree and lawn disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment, tree and lawn fertilization, lawn seeding, organic lawn care, lawn aeration, deer repellent and deer browsing prevention services including our popular DeerTech program. If your property is in need of any kind of care, call SavATree. We are committed to keeping your property healthy, safe and beautiful while using environmentally friendly methods all while providing the highest possible level of professionalism.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (703) 709-0007


Austin interned and worked as a climber and plant healthcare specialist for 5 years for two different companies before coming to SavATree.


Austin studied Forest Resource Management at West Virginia University.

Industry Involvement, Awards and Certifications:

  • Certified TCIA tree care specialist
  • Registered technician license


Austin loves to snowboard in the winter and ride motorcycles and kayak in the summer.

Why He Became An Arborist:

“I became an arborist to fulfill my interest in plant biology and to spend a great deal of time outdoors with people of similar interests.”

Customer Service Philosophy:

“Treat every property as if it were my own.” 

Observations in the Field:

Army worm in Northern Virginia

August 31, 2021 – Army worm has been found on numerous occasions in Northern Virginia.

Oak Worm

August 24, 2021 – Orange striped Oak Worm spotted in Sterling, VA.

Lightning Strike

August 18, 2021 – Large poplar struck by lightning in Great Falls, Virginia.


Oyster shell scale and Euonymus scale

August 10, 2021 – Two types of scale often found along side one another on the underside of a leaf.


August 3, 2021 – This is a very common weed in lawns of the northeast. It starts growing once it hits 60 degrees outside. It is toxic to animals if eaten in large amounts.

Cicada Damage

July 27, 2021 – Female cicada damage on Eastern Redbud causing weakness in Branch ends.

Hawthorn Lace Bug

July 22, 2021 – Hawthorn lace bug is a small insect tbst lives on the underside of the leaf of a variety of species of plants including hawthorn, servicebarry, and firstborn. These bugs have piercing/sucking mouth parts to such the juice from plant, causing yellow-white spots on the top of the leaf called “stippling”. Control can be obtained through most systemic insecticides or contact oil/insecticides sprays when the bug is active. We can see the adult in the right of the photo and the nymphs at the top left.

Oak Lead Gall 

July 13, 2021 – Jumping oak leaf gall are tiny galls on the under side of white oak leaves. These are caused by a small wasp that cause a blister in the leaf. Each blister houses an individual wasp larva. This does not hurt the tree unless in extremely large numbers.

Territory List:

Great Falls

Potomac Falls