SavATree ISA Certified Arborist

Tree Service & Lawn Care Expert Serving Newton, MA

ISA Certified ArboristJohn Fenton, ISA Certified Arborist


John works out of SavATree’s Lincoln, MA branch providing expert tree, lawn, shrub, deer and tick services to Newton and Wellesley. MA.

Phone: (781) 402-4634


John has been in the green industry since 1998. He started by milling lumber and landscaping, In 2002, he started his career in Arboriculture and never looked back!


Matt graduated from U Mass Amherst Stockbridge School.

Industry Involvement/Awards/Certifications:

  • ISA Certified Arborist


John lives in Wellesley, MA. He enjoys hiking, fishing and watching football with his fiancé.

Why He Became An Arborist:

“A friend of mine introduced me to the green industry and Arboriculture after years of unhappily working indoors. I started at 17 years old and never looked back. I’m a nature lover at heart and getting the opportunity to have a career working within nature was something that absolutely made perfect sense to me.”

Customer Service Philosophy:

“My approach is simple– Serving people with the golden rule in mind: treat them how you’d like to be treated yourself! Also, helping people to realize their vision for the property they love and care for.”

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