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Stephen Smeds, Arborist


Stephen operates out of SavATree’s Sterling branch in Virginia, providing comprehensive tree, shrub, lawn, tick and deer services to Ashburn, Leesburg, Middleburg, Centreville, South Riding and Gainesville, VA. Some services that Stephen and the team offer to clients in the Ashburn area include tree removal, tree pruning and trimming, tree and lawn disease management, tree and lawn fertilization, organic lawn care and other organic care options, lawn seeding, lawn aeration, pest management including mosquito and tick treatments and deer browsing prevention services including our effective DeerTech program. If your property is in need of any sort of care, SavATree can help to keep it healthy and beautiful. Call Stephen today if you would like him to set up a custom program to care for your trees and lawn at no cost to you!

Phone: (703) 296-3079


Stephen is currently pursuing his Associate’s of Science degree.


Stephen worked in landscaping for 4 years, offering services in tree removal and lawn care for two years.


Stephen enjoys hiking and camping. He has lived in the Northern Virginia area his whole life.

Why He Became an Arborist:

“I became an arborist because I enjoy nature and enjoy making a difference in the health of trees.”

Customer Service Philosophy:

“I am devoted to making the customer happy and keeping their trees healthy.”

Social Network:

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Observations in the Field:

Storm Damage in Leesburg, VA

Leesburg, VA Tree Removal

August 26, 2019 – This oak tree fell on one of our clients’ homes in Leesburg, VA. Trees that are weakened by disease or improper care are more likely to fall, which is why it is so important to hire a certified arborist to regularly maintain your trees, especially the ones that are very close to your home. Bring in the professionals…contact SavATree today!

Adult Scale Infestation

tree service ashburn va

May 14, 2019 – Small and immobile, with no visible legs or antennae, adult scale resemble individual fish scales pressed tightly against the plant on which they are feeding. There are over 150 different kinds of scales in Virginia. Many are common and serious pests of trees, shrubs, and indoor plants. Scale insects feed on plant sap. Feeding by scales slowly reduces plant vigor. Heavily infested plants grow poorly and may even suffer dieback of twigs and branches. Occasionally, an infested host will be so weakened that it dies.  Another side effect of scale that affects the aesthetic value of a plant, is the result of scale ingesting copious amounts of sap and excreting a sticky bi-product called “Honeydew”.  This substance is the perfect home on which fungi called Sooty Mold grows.  This mold causes discoloration of the affected leaves and can block sunlight, which is essential for plant health and growth. If you suspect that you have a plant that is infected with scale or would just like us to evaluate the plants on your property, contact your SavATree arborist.

Territory List:

Fairfax County
South Riding

Loudoun County
Stone Ridge

Prince William County
Broad Run
Sudley Springs

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