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Sapling to Senior: Young and Mature Tree Care

The same truism applies to nearly all living things that age over time: they need guidance when they’re young and proactive care as they mature. This, of course, includes trees. Young trees benefit greatly from branch training to establish proper form and strength as well as soil amendments to establish root systems and help with the absorption of nutrients. If appropriate steps are taken when trees are in their formative stages, they will grow into beautiful and graceful companions that will stay with you for years to come.


Having a trained arborist prune newly planted trees will help the tree grow strong and encourage a properly balanced branch scaffold system. Developing a single dominant trunk is the key principle of strong structure, and it may be necessary for the arborist to reduce competing branches for the sake of tree health: a Darwinist pruning, if you will. Proper pruning techniques help promote stem and branch structure by manipulating orientation, spacing, size, and strength of limbs. Additionally structural pruning will prevent a lot of headaches and expensive problems down the road, as restorative tree pruning performed on deteriorating or damaged trees can be a difficult process that is better avoided, if possible.


In suburban and urban environments leaves, tree’s natural nutrient source, are typically removed. This causes stress as trees must compete with turf and other vegetation for nutrients and water. Add the problems of soil compaction and root space infringement and you can see why trees often sustain deficiencies. A customized program with the proper balance of nutrients and supplements helps promote optimal tree health. A soil amendment may also be required to improve the physical properties of the soil and provide a better environment for roots. An air spade can be used to amend soils by adding organic materials to replicate the forest environment and improve water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration and structure. In addition, proper fertilization with SavATree’s ArborHealth®, our slow release organic blend fertilizer, provides micro and macro nutrients and sea kelp to correct plant nutritional deficiencies and also promote plant health without forcing vegetative growth.


As a tree matures, it is better able to look after itself. For example, its root system can usually deliver water as needed, even during hot, dry summers. However, mature trees require pruning to maintain structural integrity and to remove potentially hazardous deadwood. Most importantly, trees should be proactively monitored to assess and prevent any issues that may make it susceptible to stress, insects, mites or disease. SavATree’s patented ArborKelp® is an organic bio-stimulant treatment that can be used as a preventative tool, promoting healthy root growth and strengthening resistance to stress.


Older trees need TLC too! Tree experts can evaluate your trees to determine structural weaknesses. If needed, cabling and bracing create artificial support to structurally weak or injured trees and branches. These supports help to prevent injuries, such as crotch and branch failure, and help provide protection against storm damage. The growth of the tree can also be regulated with our exclusive ArborBalance® treatment, which helps to balance a tree’s shoot to root ratio, resulting in a healthier tree and controlled tree size. ArborBalance® can also be particularly effective in reinvigorating trees that are in a slow state of decline. Providing the proper care throughout all the stages of your trees’ development will extend their vitality and health.

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