Woodlot Management

Woodlot management enhances the unmanicured, wooded areas of your property. These sections are thinned to remove dead, diseased, or undesirable trees. Woodlot management will open an overcrowded forest canopy. It also encourages forest regeneration, species diversity and the growth of desirable under story shrubs including maple leaf viburnum, spice bush, gray dogwood and winged euonymus.

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Woodlot Management Services

Our woodlot management services include the following:

  • Tree removal in order to alleviate unhealthy competition and open up beautiful vistas.
  • Pruning of feature trees to remove dead and diseased wood.
  • Pruning to reduce the presence of poison ivy and bittersweet to prevent damage to feature trees and under story trees.
  • Chipping leftover brush within the woods and stacking bulky wood in low rows. This enables the beneficial organic material to return to the forest floor, thereby maintaining the balance of nature on your property and providing essential nutrients for growth.

SavATree recommends preserving acorn and nut producing trees in your woodlot management plan, as they are an abundant source of food for forest fauna.

Custom Woodlot Management That Exceeds Industry Standards

SavATree’s woodlot management services are tailored to the specific needs of your landscape as well as your personal preferences and budget. In all woodlot management, tree pruning, stump removal and cabling work, we utilize the guidelines and standards outlined by the American National Standards Institute’s A300 and Z133.1 documents. Our highly experienced field specialists enable us to consistently meet and exceed tree service industry standards in woodlot management and tree removal.

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