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Help Trees Weather Winter Storms with Regular Pruning

Winter Tree Pruning

Pruning and other preventative measures, in advance of harsh weather, can help keep your family and property safe from fallen trees or tree limbs. Year-round tree trimming can spare you the hassle, and cost, of having to repair damage to your home or calling on a tree service company to remove a fallen tree from your property.

Wind, rain, snow and ice can break or weaken trees and may result in down trees or may require tree removal. Large trees, those in excess of 12″ in diameter, are most likely to cause property damage, or even serious injury, if they fail so it’s especially important to keep these trees trimmed and maintained.

Services such as our Storm Damage Risk Audit can help protect your property by assessing the stability of trees with proximity to homes, businesses, driveways, parking spaces, utility structures, walkways, personal property, pet habitats, pools and play areas. Periodic inspections by your certified SavATree arborist and tree trimming at regular intervals are excellent ways to keep your trees and property protected.

Tree Pruning (Tree Trimming)

Trimming trees is one of the most important aspects of landscape management. In addition to safeguarding your family, properly trimming overgrown trees and shrubs can restore structural integrity while improving overall plant health. In some cases, we may be able to install cabling and bracing systems to support structurally weak or injured trees on your property. This support helps reduce the risk of storm-related injuries and extends the life and well-being of your trees. Lightning protection systems are also offered to protect your key landscape trees from lightning strike damage.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is sometimes necessary when decay, structural decline or significant storm damage makes a tree dangerous. A proactive Storm Damage Risk Audit by one of SavaTree’s expert arborists will help you identify potential hazards. It’s also a good idea to contact your arborist after an especially bad storm if you are unsure about the structural stability of a particular tree.


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