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Lawn Care & Tree Service in Dunwoody

The team out of SavATree’s Norcross, GA branch is responsible for the care of properties in the Dunwoody, GA area. Our team is highly trained to deal with tree, shrub, lawn and insect issues unique to the Atlanta area landscape. SavATree approaches each client with a customer service oriented attitude, so you can expect to be treated like family by the arborists on our team. Some popular services we offer to clients include tree pruning, tree removal, tree disease treatments, organic lawn care, weed control, lawn seeding, lawn aeration, lawn fertilization and shrub and hedge trimming. Contact our team today to schedule a free consultation with a certified arborist.

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Dunwoody, GA Emergency Tree Removal

Adverse weather conditions can severely disrupt trees, making them dangerous for people. In an emergency situation, we respond as quickly as we can to help keep our clients’ homes and properties safe from further damage. If your property is being threatened by a storm in the Dunwoody area, trust the experts at SavATree.



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Tree Removal in Dunwoody

Although we do all we can to save and preserve trees, tree removal is often necessary to protect homes, buildings and other trees. There is no one better trained to handle tree removal jobs from small to complex than the team out of SavATree’s Norcross, GA office. Contact us today if you think you may need to take down trees on your Dunwoody property.


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Tree Trimming in Dunwoody, Georgia

SavATree offers professional tree trimming services to clients throughout the Dunwoody, GA area. We approach every job with caution to ensure all safety measures are taken to protect your home, your property and our crew members. Regular trimming should be part of your regular tree maintenance and the SavATree team is here to take on any job!


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Dunwoody, GA Certified Arborists

Our certified arborists are highly knowledgeable and bring years of expertise from working in the tree and lawn care industry. In order to ensure the health, beauty and safety of your property, having an arborist perform regular assessments in essential. If you’re in the Dunwoody area and would like to work with one of our professional ISA Certified Arborists, contact us.


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Our team also specializes in the care of lawns in the Dunwoody, GA area. We use environmentally safe product and offer effective organic programs as well. We can help you achieve the landscape of your dreams with our lawn and organic lawn care programs. Contact us today and see how you can transform your property!