Tree Reflections: Drawing the Outside In

As a lover of trees and interior designer, nothing inspires me more than the beauty of nature. My desk strategically faces a window overlooking my landscape. As I marvel at the scenery made up of majestic trees, vibrant flowers, textured rocks and moss, I derive a fabulous color palette for my next project. Four amazing seasons all with different intriguing elements help spark my creativity as well as lift my spirits.

I feel the outdoors is an integral part of our lives and we should strive to embrace it. Like architect Frank Lloyd Wright believed, homes should be built to fit within their natural environment—not defy it. When my sugar maple had to be removed, I kept the trunk for wildlife to enjoy. I have also used tree trunks to make fabulous tables and benches. The positive physical and mental capabilities of nature are certainly astounding.

S. Geffen – Armonk, New York



We want to capture some of the great stories that occur every day between people and their trees. If you have an interesting account to share, please submit it to us for publication. We are building a “Tree Reflections” page that will contain photos of people with their trees, either in their own yards, visiting special places, traveling, etc., with accompanying stories. Enter your information and send photo to [email protected]

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