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Tree Maintenance and Preservation Services by SavATree Arborists

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General Tree Care Services

  • Proper Pruning
  • Support Cables & Bracing Rods
  • Woodland Improvement
  • Tree Removal
  • Lightning Protection
  • And so much more!


At SavATree we follow the tree pruning guidelines set by the American National Standards Institute to improve the health, safety, and appearance of your arboricultural specimens. In addition, we can install support cables, bracing rods, and lightning protection systems to help protect and stabilize your tree during severe weather conditions. Woodland improvement procedures are also available to nurture your natural environments. And, when necessary, we offer tree removal services.

Call today for a complimentary tree pruning consultation from SavATree’s fully trained professionals and certified arborists. Click here to contact the office nearest you.

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