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Fertilizing trees

Deep Root Tree Fertilizer & Soil Care

Like all living things, trees need nutrients in order to grow strong and healthy.

In an urban or suburban environment, nutrient deficiencies are a particular danger to the health of your trees. There, property owners tend to remove fallen leaves, your tree’s natural nutrient source.

As a result, the trees are forced to compete with other vegetation for remaining nutrient supply and water. This, coupled with stress from compacted soils, drought, and root space infringement, causes health problems.

SavATree’s ArborHealth® provides essential nutrients to the root zones of trees and shrubs. Our arborists determine precise intervals based on the specific needs of your landscape.

Variables such as tree species, soil conditions, age, health, location, weather, and stress conditions all factor into the tree fertilizer formula that your arborist develops for your propert

Advantages of Deep Root Treatments

SavATree utilizes a sub-surface liquid injection process to administer the nutrient programs. Injecting organic fertilizer and soil amendments into the ground under pressure replenishes depleted soil with nutrients. It also disperses and aerates compacted soil, allowing water and oxygen to reach the root hairs where absorption takes place.

ArborHealth® Tree Fertilizer Options

Knowing which application is right for your landscape can be confusing. Fortunately, your SavATree arborist will recommend the best treatment for your landscape’s specific needs that contain one or more of the following ingredients:

  • ArborHealth® – specially formulated, slow-release organic blend fertilizer which includes essential micro and macro nutrients.
  • ArborKelp® – our exclusive seaweed biostimulant which promotes root growth and heightens stress tolerance
  • Micronutrients – ingredients to correct specific mineral deficiencies
  • Mycorrhizae – essential fungus to simulate the forest environment

Our Rules for Tree Fertilization

  • ArborKelp® should be used alone or in conjunction with ArborHealth® when trees and shrubs struggle with long-term stress. This combined application is also appropriate when trees and shrubs are recovering from damaged or compromised root systems, stressed by transplanting or construction damage, or enduring drought conditions.
  • If your landscape’s soil lacks essential nutrients, ArborHealth® should be used to promote healthy plant growth.
  • In specific circumstances, ArborKelp® will be recommended in place of fertilization when the supplemental Nitrogen contained in ArborHealth® will have a negative effect on plant health.

Organic Soil Enhancer

Organic soil enhancer is useful for established trees and ornamentals that are deprived organic matter due to the cleanup of fallen leaves. SavATree’s organic soil enhancer is a unique, natural product that was developed to assist in the proper establishment of organic matter in soils.

It goes beyond the function of traditional fertilizers by supplying carbon-rich organic materials to your landscape in constructive and usable forms for plants and soil microorganisms. This form of soil amendment is especially useful in renewing soils after construction projects.

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