Bedford Hills, NY — April 26, 2022 — SavATree, the industry leader in professional tree, shrub and lawn care, announces involvement in several tree equity related projects. Their dedicated mission to increase tree equity adds significant value to a city and its citizens. By investing money in urban forestry, SavATree is helping cities plan for a better future by gaining a community tree canopy, which in turn stimulates societal and climate co-benefits.

In efforts to provide improved health, employment and climate resiliency benefits, the SavATree Consulting Group is proud to be a collaborator on a number of tree equity related projects. Their current projects include activity in Providence, RI; Philadelphia, PA; Arlington County, VA; Cincinnati, OH; and, Woodbury, MN. Partnering on projects such as these can create jobs for people with barriers to employment while focusing on environmental justice, and bring awareness to adjacent foundations and partnerships.

“As a green company, ESG is at the top of mind. It’s all about linking science and decision making to promote an ecology for the future of city development,” said Mike Galvin, Director of SavATree Consulting Group. He added, “We are tree experts; that’s why people bring us onto their teams. Our focus is on prioritization of vulnerable populations in planning processes to support a more equitable distribution of tree canopy.”


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