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Spring Lawn Care Tips

Lawn care is a year-round chore. The most effective spring lawn care programs are those that are combined with a robust fall lawn care program – this will produce a healthy, lush lawn for you to enjoy throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons.

The lawn experts at SavaLawn have compiled the following spring lawn care tips to help you care for your lawn. Our lawn specialists are also available to meet with you. They will survey your lawn and discuss lawn care options that specifically meet your personal preferences – whether you are looking for a natural lawn care program, organic lawn care program or a hybrid lawn care program.

Spring Lawn Care Tip #1: Clean Up and Inspect

Spring cleaning isn’t just for closets and windows. Cleaning up any remaining debris from winter snow and winds helps ensure your family’s safety when playing or mowing. It also avoids buildup of thatch, that organic matter beneath the blades of the grass but above the soil that can inhibit healthy growth.

As snow melts and growth resumes, early spring is the best time to inspect your lawn for possible lawn disease. A professional lawn care service like the experts at SavaLawn can survey your landscape to spot any dangers for early lawn disease and to identify the best types of fertilizer, weed control products or other lawn care treatments to ensure a healthy, green lawn throughout the spring and summer. One example of lawn disease which is common in early spring is snow mold. This is a fungus that often appears when snow melts in early spring and is most common in landscapes with early snows over ground that has not had a chance to freeze.

Spring Lawn Care Tip #2: Aerate

Aeration is a process of removing soil cores from your lawn to help improve water, air and nutrient movement in the soil. Aerating your lawn in both fall and spring reduces soil compaction and works to break down thatch. These two conditions make growing grass more difficult, because they impede air and water movement to the soil and work to weaken your lawn’s root system.

Spring Lawn Care Tip #3: Fertilize and Apply Weed Control Treatments

Applying lawn fertilizer is a key element of spring lawn care. By fertilizing your lawn this spring, you will be making an investment in your lawn’s root system that will reap considerable returns. But as the saying goes, one size – or kind – does not fit all. It is important to first understand your spring lawn care needs for lawn fertilizer, lime or early weed control products and then to match them with your lawn care preferences including natural lawn care or organic fertilizer. The professionals at SavaLawn can help to determine the best spring lawn care program and share spring lawn care tips specific to your lawn’s needs.

An important component of a spring lawn care program is weed control. Quality weed control starts with an inspection of your turf in order to spot unwanted growth early on. The lawn care experts at SavaLawn use a lawn treatment approach that targets only the spots of your lawn that require weed control. Our lawn service specialists use two basic types of lawn treatment for weed control to in your landscape, pre-emergence weed control treatments and post-emergence treatments. Your lawn specialist will develop a program that addresses your personal preferences and integrates carefully targeted treatments for weeds such as crabgrass and other problems in your lawn.

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