SavATree - Tree Shrub and Lawn Care



  • Complete pruning before new growth begins
  • Cut back ornamental grasses to new shoots
  • Consider an Early Spring Tick Treatment if the weather is warm
  • Begin Goose Repellent Treatments for best results
  • Protect your ash trees from Emerald Ash Borer
  • Activate your annual Plant Health Care program and Lawn Care program so you don’t miss any treatments


  • Time for spring/summer deer repellents
  • Have ornamental trees and shrubs evaluated for winter damage and set up treatments to aid recovery
  • Treat susceptible trees to protect them from borers
  • Schedule spring fertilization and ArborKelp® treatments
  • Complete fruit tree pruning and feature tree maintenance
  • Fertilize lawn and apply crabgrass pre-emergent
  • Prune roses to remove winter killed canes
  • Schedule your first Damminix Treatment to help control ticks


  • Consider an organic or integrated tick program
  • Schedule a wetting agent application for summer
  • Perform preventive disease treatments


  • Watch closely for signs of pests and disease; schedule treatments as necessary
  • Schedule a Storm Damage Risk Audit™ with your arborist


  • Perform hand pruning of spring flowering shrubs
  • Treat plants stressed by summer heat with ArborKelp®
  • Water lawns deeply and infrequently
  • Prune hedges and non-flowering shrubs


  • Keep fruit trees nourished and watered during the summer months
  • Schedule an autumn aeration


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