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Scott Lamm

Scott Lamm, ISA Certified Arborist

Years of Service: 24 Years

Hobbies: traveling, gardening, and spending time with family, including my delightful grandson.

How did you get started in this business? When I was still in high school, I started working with my brother at a tree care company and loved it! I worked my way up from pulling hoses to learning how to climb to delivering plant health care. I got tremendous satisfaction from doing something beneficial

Most memorable SavATree moment? Because I was with SavATree from its early beginnings, it has been incredible to watch the company’s success and growth over the years. Another highlight was volunteering with the New Jersey Youth Corps, where I introduced urban, disadvantaged kids to the joys of caring for trees and parks. Some of these kids expressed genuine interest and enthusiasm, and I can still remember how their faces lit up. It was unforgettable.

SavATree Honored for Tree Preservation in Fairfax County Fairfax County’s Tree Commission recently recognized SavATree for extraordinary efforts to preserve trees on site during construction and expansion at Vinson Hall Retirement Community


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