Soil Analysis and Testing

Soil analysis is the first step toward achieving your dream lawn. The health of your turf is directly related to the condition of your soil. Analysis via lab testing by a professional will help to customize your lawn care program in order to obtain optimum results and determine how much lime your lawn needs.

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Soil Analysis is the First Step Toward a Beautiful Lawn

Lawn programs that start with an accurate soil analysis are the key to thick, green turf. A lawn care specialist can help you determine what amendments, if any, are necessary to help you achieve the results you are striving for on your landscape. For example, by raising the pH of the soil, lime makes lawn fertilizer and existing nutrients readily available to the grass plant. Lime may be applied at any time of the year.  A soil analysis is recommended to determine how much lime is needed in your lawn and to monitor your nutrient levels.

Lawn Care For Compacted Soil

Lawn care equipment specialized for core aeration can also be utilized on your landscape to alleviate soil compaction, reduce thatch build-up, improve air movement and water penetration in the root zone. This service results in a stronger root system and much better looking turf.

Core aeration with overseeding is a procedure that may be recommended by your lawn care specialist after a soil analysis. Depending on the density of your lawn, core aeration may or may not include an overseeding.

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