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Like many, your home may be the biggest financial investment you ever make. Your house and property work together to make your home’s first impression and set the stage for what’s inside. This is why curb appeal plays a big part in the value of your home. A well-maintained lawn and landscape will increase the curb appeal of your home as well as increase the value of your home.

Whether you just moved in or have lived there for years, SavATree can help to develop a landscape that’s just right for your property because we recognize that the best landscape for your home is one that respects its style as well as your personal style and maintenance preferences.

Maintenance Needs Vary from One Homeowner to Another

You may be the type of person that enjoys a day spent maintaining your property and you only call on tree and lawn professionals when absolutely necessary. For others, maintaining your landscape is an intimidating and time consuming chore ― with so much to know about the year-round needs of your trees, shrubs and lawns ― so you simply opt to leave the entire task to the experts.

For some, a completely organic approach is most important. For others, a blend is more suiting. At SavATree, we offer a variety of tree services and lawn care services – including organic lawn care – and information resources. Our certified arborists work hand in hand with you to understand your needs and preferences in order to tailor the best lawn care and tree service for you. Some of the many tree and lawn care services we offer include:

Tree Service and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs provide shade, beauty and privacy and are the anchors of a great landscape. SavATree has been providing tree service for over twenty years and always uses an environmentally sensible approach. Your arborist will design a tree service and plant health care program that addresses the specific conditions of your landscape as well as your personal preferences and eco-sensibilities.

Lawn Care

A healthy, green lawn is the ultimate welcome mat, and a well-maintained lawn and landscape also can increase your property value. Our comprehensive and highly knowledgeable approach to lawn care help to create a turf that is naturally more resistant to disease, insects and weeds.

Environmentally-friendly Products and Services

We offer environmentally sensible tree care and lawn care services so that “going green” does not mean sacrificing the green in your landscape! Our organic lawn care services cultivate a proper soil environment for your lawn by incorporating only organically formulated balanced nutrients, minerals and slow release fertilizers based on your specific turf conditions.

Tree and Lawn Tips and Advice

Are you looking for quick gardening tips and useful expert advice for the care and maintenance of your landscape? Are you interested in increasing your tree care and landscaping knowledge? SavATree’s certified arborists have compiled useful and timely tips to help you. Find guidelines for proper tree care, lawn and garden advice, and landscape recommendations as well as a month-by-month landscape care calendar. You can even sign up to receive our newsletter delivered right to your inbox.

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