Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care – what is it and why is it important to you and your landscape? By definition, plant health care is the proactive approach to maintaining tree, shrub and groundcover health through holistic cultural management and integrated treatments. However, to truly comprehend plant care, we need to look beyond its literal meaning. The secret to understanding plant health care is learning how it is implemented, why it is necessary and what health benefits are gained from its practice.

What is plant health care?

Plant Health Care AnalysisThe goal of a good plant health care (PHC) program is to maintain tree and shrub health by providing the proper growing environment for the plant. Health and vigor are achieved with preventative care for stress management; frequent monitoring and early detection of problems; informed decision making; integrated treatments that provide long-term solutions; and quality communication with the proprietor of the landscape. Plant health care is a commitment to preserve vitality and protect the safety, health and appearance of a landscape.

Arbor Patrol®

Arbor Patrol is SavATree’s unique scouting and treatment program. Specialists carefully monitor the condition of your trees to ensure that diseases, insects, or mites do not compromise the health of your trees.

Why is plant care needed?

Many of the trees and shrubs that we cherish in our landscape are subject to environmental issues or factors such as insects, mites and diseases that compromise their ability to thrive. Our landscape plants may not be native to this part of the world or may be exposed to imported insects and diseases. Most significantly, they are exposed to “people pressures” that create stress. These people pressures include construction, grade change, soil compaction, mechanical injury, over- or under-watering, road salt, and air pollution. In order for plants to thrive and survive, these issues must be addressed.

What are the benefits of plant health care?

Plant care specialists must have a thorough knowledge of what constitutes acceptable and ideal environmental conditions for hundreds of species and be able to prescribe treatments for diseases, insect infestations and other harmful conditions. The task of providing a quality program requires a great deal of training in plant care. Health specialists focus on plant vitality and call upon a broad range of techniques designed to protect and enhance plant health. In addition, the best plant health care specialists focus on the client who expects personalized attention, customized service, accurate information and beautiful plants in good health.

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