Plant Health Care

What is plant health care?

Plant Health Care is a proactive approach to monitoring and maintaining the health of trees, shrubs and groundcover. Results are achieved through preventive care for stress management, frequent monitoring and early detection of problems, informed decision making, and integrated treatments that provide long-term solutions; all delivered with quality communication.

SavATree offers a holistic approach to enhancing plant vigor, growth, appearance and life span through a combination of cultural, preventative and curative strategies. Our commitment is to use the most cost effective and environmentally sensitive practices and treatments available.

Why is plant care needed?

Many of the trees and shrubs that we cherish in our landscape are subject to environmental issues or factors such as insects, mites and diseases that compromise their ability to thrive. Our landscape plants may not be native to this part of the world or may be exposed to imported insects and diseases. Most significantly, they are often exposed to “people pressures” that create stress. These can include construction, grade change, soil compaction, mechanical injury, over- or under-watering, road salt, and air pollution. In order for plants to thrive and survive, these issues must be addressed.

Why choose an arborist for plant health care? 

Trees and shrubs represent a considerable long-term investment in your landscape. With proper care, these plants can provide beautiful surroundings, cooling shade, and many other benefits for decades. Arborists have the experience and training to detect many potential tree and shrub problems before they become life threatening or hazardous. In addition, they can make tree and shrub recommendations, such as species selection and placement, in order to keep many problems from occurring in the first place.

Arborists are available to consult with other landscape service providers you may use, lawn care for example, to ensure that the treatments are coordinated and will not be harmful to your trees and shrubs. Remember, the potential size, longevity and value of trees and shrubs warrants their special attention in your landscape. Bedding plants can be replaced in a few short weeks, a lawn in a single growing-season, but it can take a lifetime or more to replace a mature tree.

What can I expect from a plant health care program?

Every landscape is unique, so each program begins with a thorough inspection of the landscape by a knowledgeable professional. Plant care specialists have expertise in what constitutes acceptable and ideal environmental conditions for hundreds of species and are trained to diagnose and prescribe proper treatments for diseases, insect infestations and other harmful conditions. Monitoring is a key component, since it allows problems to be detected and managed before they become serious. The monitoring frequency and complexity of a PHC program depends upon the size and diversity of the landscape and individual budgets and goals

Each plant health care program is custom designed by a professional arborist to address the specific challenges present on the landscape. A technologically advanced scheduling system ensures that all treatments occur at the optimum time for maximum effectiveness. Our made-to-order vehicles and specialized equipment enable us to deliver highly targeted treatments when necessary, replacing traditional blanket application methods. Besides keeping plants beautiful and in good health, SavATree specialists can be counted on to provide personalized attention, customized service, accurate information and timely communication.

Arbor Patrol Program

For the discriminating customers who are passionate about their trees and shrubs, we offer Arbor Patrol, our signature service. This unique scouting and treatment program carefully and regularly monitors your landscape looking for any signs of diseases, insects or mites. Early detection ensures that the health of trees and shrubs is not compromised.

Our most advanced plant health care monitoring and treatment system, Arbor Patrol offers personalized attention from caring and responsive professionals that provide proactive plant care solutions and treatments, customized to your landscape.

Here is how the program works:

A highly trained Arbor Patrol Specialist visits your property at carefully timed intervals during the growing season to scout and treat your landscape for both current and anticipated plant health conditions.  When a condition is detected, careful consideration is given to determine whether to treat, further monitor or modify cultural practices.

The Arbor Patrol Program incorporates our holistic approach to tree and shrub care.  With the use of paraffinic oils, botanical extracts, biological treatments, acrylic polymers, beneficial insect release and pheromone traps, we are able to successfully contribute to the ecological balance of your property.

When the damage level of an insect or disease endangers the host plant, your Arbor Patrol Specialist will utilize our custom equipment to deliver species specific treatments as needed.

Upon completion of each scout, we will submit a detailed diagnostic report.  This report notes all findings, recommendations and treatments performed during the visit, allowing for detail tracking and client communication.

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