Pine Bark Beetle Treatment & Damage Management

What is the Pine Bark Beetle?

The pine bark beetle is a wood boring beetle that can attack all types of pine trees, in addition to firs and spruce. There are several different types of pine bark beetles including engraver beetles, southern pine beetles, mountain pine beetles and black turpentine beetles.

Pine bark beetles have been responsible for destroying over 35 million acres of pine forests throughout the United States and Canada.

dying pine trees bark beetle

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Signs of bark beetle:

  • Needles turning pale, then red and brown
  • Boring dust or sawdust
  • Entrance holes
  • Pitch tubes, or streams of resin that harden to white or yellow nodes on the side of the tree

Pine Bark Beetle Management & Treatment Options

Pine Bark Beetle Control

If you live in an area at risk for pine bark beetles, management options are available that can protect and save your trees. With SavATree’s professional tree service and pine bark beetle treatments, there’s no reason to lose your trees to this pest.

For more information on pine bark beetle control and treatment, contact us for a complimentary consultation from a certified arborist.