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Veterinarians – Organic Treatments Offer a Safe, Additional Layer of Tick Prevention

As veterinarians, you’ve seen first hand the damage that can be inflicted by hungry ticks. Not only do they affect the lives of your patients, but also the families that love them. SavATree would like to work with veterinarians to reduce tick populations in the landscape, before they have a chance to make one more pet their victim.

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Boy with Adorable Dog Hungry ticks are out in force this season and looking for meals in the form of humans and our pets. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to offer every possible layer of protection. Now available from SavATree, organic tick treatments are a powerful complement to traditional methods of tick prevention.

We start by applying our organic solution to the ecotone area of the customers yard. This area that divides the yard and the woodline has proven to be the primary breeding ground for dangerous ticks. After covering the ecotone area, we apply a light mist to the lawn. Unlike other treatments, customers will be able to use their lawns roughly 15 minutes after our treatment is applied and has had a chance to dry.

While the ingredients used in SavATree’s organic tick treatments are natural, they are still highly effective, killing ticks on contact and providing residual control that lasts from 30-60 days. This is made possible through a combination of benign, but powerful, natural ingredients including cedarwood oil.


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