Tree Disease Treatment

I Should Fertilize My Diseased Tree, Right?

Not necessarily… Applying tree fertilizer to a diseased tree or one that is battling insect infestation can actually do more harm than good.

One classic example is fertilizing hemlocks with an NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium) based product when the tree is suffering from insect infestation such as hemlock woolly adelgid characterized by a white, cottony substance on the branches. In this case, the adelgid (insects) feed off the nitrogen in the fertilizer and the problem gets worse!

If you suspect your trees are diseased or infested with insects, contact your arborist – he/she can diagnose the issue and recommend a suitable nutrient program.

At SavATree, we use ArborKelp to provide critical nutrients to diseased and insect infested trees. ArborKelp is a patented biostimulant that increases hair roots in plants, thereby allowing them to more effectively absorb moisture and soil nutrients. It also increases drought tolerance and works without aiding insect or disease problems. ArborKelp is usually applied via deep root feeding for trees and surface feeding methods for shrubs.

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