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Lyme Disease Prevention

Colorful ForestIt is important to protect yourself from the risk of being bitten by the Deer Tick that transmits the infective spirochete bacteria that cause Lyme Disease. Here are some simple precautions you can take to reduce your exposure to Deer Ticks while enjoying outdoor activities.

Precautions to Prevent Lyme Disease:

1. Wear protective clothing when you are in wooded, bushy or grassy places.

2. Be sure to give yourself a thorough check when you return from the outdoors.

3. Keep your woodpile neat, off of the ground and in a dry, sunny location.

Tick and Lyme Disease Control

4. Mulch flower beds and ecotone (the transition zone between the manicured and unmanicured areas of the landscape) with woodchips.

5. Rake up lawn clippings and leaf litter which creates shelter for ticks.

6. Implement a comprehensive Integrated Tick Program.

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