Lawn Care with Lime and Lawn Fertilizer

Lawn care professionals know that lime and lawn fertilizer work best together to help you obtain the healthy, green lawn you’ve always wanted. By raising the pH of your soil, lime makes lawn fertilizer and existing nutrients available to the grass plants in your landscape. Lime may be applied for existing or new lawn care at any time of the year. Your lawn care specialist can take a soil test to monitor your nutrient levels and determine how much is needed to compliment your fertilizer. A sample of your soil is sent to a testing laboratory that will provide an analysis of pH and nutrient status. You will also receive a detailed report with recommendations on lawn care with lime and fertilizer applications.

Tree and Lawn Consultation

Lawn Fertilizer

Adjustments of soil pH made by a lawn care technician are important because variations from accepted levels make nutrients less available to your turfgrass. Although lime can be applied effectively by a lawn care technician at any time of the year to help make lawn fertilizer available to your turf, the best fertilizer results come from lime application made in the fall. Rain, snow and heaving of the ground in winter help to move it into your soil.

If your lawn care specialist determines that your soil requires more limestone than can be applied in a single application, it will be applied semi-annually until the result you desire is achieved. In new lawn care or seeding, all of it may be applied to your lawn before planting. You lawn care technician will make sure the lime is tilled thoroughly into the soil.

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