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Fitness Program For Your Lawn

Diet: nutrients, fertilizers, lime, water

SAVALAWN – Carefully timed lawn care services that include applications of balanced fertilizers provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive. Feed it every 6-8 weeks during the season. Lime feeds your lawn calcium at crucial times— going into and coming out of the winter, and if needed, increases pH level to make vital nutrients more available.

PROPERTY OWNER – Water: conserve this precious resource and water the lawn only when it’s thirsty, before the grass blades start to get a bluish-gray tint. Water deeply 1” – 2” per week. If you have an electronic sprinkler, run it manually and set programs to run long enough to provide 1” – 2” of irrigation. Proper watering keeps soil moisture at adequate levels and helps increase rooting depth— better withstanding heat stress.

Exercise: cultural practices such as aeration, introducing superior seed varieties and mowing practices

SAVALAWN – Spring aeration builds up roots to help grass make it through summer stress and fall aeration helps lawns recover from summer stress and respond better after the winter season. Introducing improved varieties of grass seeds will help to strengthen the durability and sustainability of your turf. SavaLawn seed varieties are superior to most store brands. They have been selected according to the grasses ability to resist disease and insect pressure, and to better tolerate stress while maintaining the best color.

PROPERTY OWNER – When mowing cut no more than 1/3 of the height of the grass (you may have to mow twice a week during certain times of the season). Never mow when the lawn is under stress. Don’t catch the clippings—mulch. Use a mulching mower and keep the blade sharp. In the fall when mowing, mulch leaves into the grass canopy (careful not to suffocate the lawn if leaf coverage is very heavy). The mulched leaves act as a food source for a healthy population of beneficial microbes, which in turn will help break down thatch. They are also a source of Phosphorus & Potassium two of the essential macro elements for plant health.

Supplements: weed control and disease control

SAVALAWN – Preventative crabgrass treatments and selective spot treatments for broadleaf weeds are included for integrated lawn care service clients where needed and based upon seasonal timing. This will allow your turf to thicken and decrease competition for nutrients.

Annual Checkup: consultative review

SAVALAWN AND PROPERTY OWNER – Schedule an annual checkup with your arborist / lawn care service consultant to evaluate your lawn’s needs and customize any changes to your program.

Enjoy your green space

PROPERTY OWNER – This will promote your health and help relieve your stress. In turn, you will develop a greater appreciation for a healthy lawn. If you have any questions, make sure to call your arborist / lawn care services consultant.

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