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You can be confident in the quality of every SavATree lawn care service. To help you obtain a healthier, greener lawn, we have designed a comprehensive lawn care program that incorporates specially balanced fertilizers. These fertilizers provide the proper nutrients for turf that is strong and naturally more competitive against diseases, insects and weeds.

Program Detail

1st Application: Early/Mid Spring
Balanced fertilizers* with special slow-release nutrient sources encourage spring green up and controlled growth while reducing the risk of disease development. Preventative crabgrass treatments and selective spot treatments for broadleaf weeds are included where needed based on seasonal timing and are for Integrated Lawn Care Program clients only. *After 4/1 in NY.

2nd Application: Mid/Late Spring
Controlled release fertilizers enhance turf vigor, while minimizing excessive shoot growth. Root and shoot density are increased in preparation for summer stress. Broadleaf weed controls, surface insect controls and crabgrass controls are applied where needed when conditions permit and are for Integrated Lawn Care Program clients only.

3rd Application: Early/Mid Summer
Specially blended, slow-release granular fertilizers are used to help turf through the difficult period of heat and drought. Targeted spot treatments for summer weeds and certain surface insects are made where needed and are for Integrated Lawn Care Program clients only.

4th Application: Late Summer/Early Fall
Select balanced, slow-release fertilizers help grass plants recover from summer stress. Color and density improve as nutrients promote new growth. Weeds and surface insects are treated where needed when conditions permit and are for Integrated Lawn Care Program clients only.

5th Application: Fall
Specially formulated fertilizers promote expansion of roots while maintaining excellent fall color and moderate shoot growth. Turf density is enhanced. Weeds and surface insects are treated where needed when conditions permit and are for Integrated Lawn Care Program clients only.

Winterizer: Late Fall
Blended fertilizers continue to strengthen roots, and feeding helps provide a healthier, thicker lawn next spring. Spring green up is enhanced with the Winterizer feeding.

Specialty Treatment Detail

Disease Treatment: Dollar Spot, Leaf Spot, Patch Disease,
Red Thread, or Special Fungicide
Treatments for these diseases may be required every 14-28 days to gain control. Should these diseases persist, slice seeding new grass varieties into the lawn is recommended. Preventative scheduled treatments are available to control reoccurring diseases and/or prevent disease symptoms. Multiple treatments are often required to control many diseases. Patch diseases require 2-3 preventative treatments.

Grub Treatment
Grubs are the larval stage of beetles. They feed on the roots of grass plants and can cause severe damage. A preventative Grub treatment between May and Early August is recommended to control larval grubs before they damage a lawn during the period from late August through October. Reactive grub treatments are available if needed from late August to October.

Lime and Sulfur Applications
By raising or lowering the pH of the soil, depending on the results of a soil test, lime or sulfur will increase the availability of fertilizer and existing nutrients in the soil to the grass plant. Lime or sulfur may be applied spring and fall of the year.

Nutsedge Treatment
This special treatment will gradually stop the Nutsedge weed from growing and spreading in your lawn. Two treatments are required to control the Nutsedge.

Vegetation Control
This treatment is designed to rid areas of unwanted vegetation in driveways, walks and fence rows. Two to three treatments are required for summer vegetation control.

Core Aeration: Spring and/or Fall

Core aeration is the removal of plugs of soil from your lawn. Aeration allows air, moisture and nutrients to move down into the soil profile while improving soil structure, root development and speeding the decomposition of thatch. For overseeding clients, our high quality seed mixture is spread over the lawn after the core aeration is done to encourage new growth of stress tolerant plants that will improve turf thickness and color.

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