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Top Reasons To Join Forces with SavATree

The SavATree team shares a passion for quality tree and lawn care as well as the skill and motivation to achieve their goals. If you are looking to sell your company or merge your business with a respected industry leader, we are interested in speaking with you and your employees. To find out more about how you and your company can join forces with SavATree, email us or call us at (914) 244-4999.

Recent Success Stories

  1. Autumn Tree Care Experts– Illinois
    In January, 2011 SavATree announced a merger with Chicago-based Autumn Tree Care Experts to form Autumn-SavATree. This partnership expanded SavATree’s presence into the Illinois market. “What attracted me to SavATree was their excellent reputation,” said Matthew Dziedzic, Co-founder of Autumn Tree Care Experts. Dan Klindera, President of Autumn, added, “We share many similarities in culture, in particular our dedication to providing exceptional customer service and expertise. It’s a natural fit.” …more
  2. Shearer/Penn – New Jersey
    Shearer/Penn merged with SavATree in April 2008. The merger expanded our reach into South Central New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. As Shearer/Penn owner Sam Willard considered potential candidates with which to join, he selected SavATree because of our strong dedication to customer satisfaction and arboricultural excellence…more
  3. Butler Tree Company (the Tree and Lawn Care Divisions) – Connecticut
    Butler Tree company merged its tree and lawn care divisions with SavATree in April 2007. This merger further promoted our growth in Connecticut and gave way to us opening a new office in Windsor, CT.
  4. Audet-Chasse Tree Service – Connecticut
    Audet-Chasse joins SavATree in January 2010 expanding our Connecticut business… Jean Paul Chasse, previous President of Audet-Chasse Tree Service stated, “We chose to join forces with SavATree because of their expertise, customer focus and arboricultural excellence. SavATree was without question a perfect match for what we were looking for in a company.” more
  5. Holbrook Tree Service – Cape Cod, MA
    Holbrook Tree Service joined the SavATree family in October 2008. The merger expanded our business throughout Cape Cod. When asked why he selected SavATree, previous owner John Holbrook explained, “My motto has always been ‘good clean tree work’ and the fit for my customers was upper most in my mind. We chose to join forces with SavATree because of their experience on the Cape, customer centric culture and arboricultural excellence.” …more
  6. Appalachian Tree Service – New Jersey
    The Appalachian Tree Company joined the SavATree family in April 2007. This merger expanded our presence in Northern New Jersey.
  7. Audubon VTM Arborists – Virginia
    Audubon VTM Arborists, Inc. merged with SavATree in April 2007. The acquisition further promoted our commitment to providing environmentally-minded services to residential, commercial and historic properties throughout Northern Virginia.

More Reasons to Partner with SavATree

  1. PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE! – The exciting, dynamic, ever-expanding staff at SavATree is among the best in the industry. Being part of a large, talented team is the most popular reason for joining forces with us.
  2. BACK-UP – SavATree arborists turn over their most prized clients to experienced field crews, with full confidence that their vision will be executed with precision.
  3. BACK OFFICE – Having a complete professional staff at your disposal allows you to spend your time with clients and on properties, with the peace of mind in knowing that the accounting, routing, regulatory compliance and customer service functions are being handled competently.
  4. AMAZING PROPERTIES – There are many landscapes in the east that are so spectacular you have to stop and admire them for their natural beauty. A lot of them are SavATree clients, along with dozens of historical landmarks, botanical gardens and some very beautiful estates.
  5. HIGH VISIBILITY – Contemporary marketing and public relations are fast-paced, costly and time consuming. SavATree’s award winning team is one of the most proactive marketers in the tree, shrub and lawn care business.
  6. TRAINING – Both SavATree and SavaLawn, our lawn care division, have a full range of training opportunities for all levels of staff, including in-house and industry based curriculums.
  7. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – We take our corporate citizen responsibility seriously! SavATree is a corporate member or sponsor of over fifty organizations throughout the northeast, supporting such important functions as historic landmarks, museums, community parks, botanical gardens, arboretums, schools, garden clubs, and professional associations. We were proud to contribute to the reclamation efforts at Ground Zero and to the restoration of Ellis Island.
  8. CUTTING EDGE – We are always testing new technology in plant health care, lawn care and general tree care. We incorporate industry standards as well as patented products and programs, while seeking new methods to provide even more value for our clients.
  9. COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT – Whenever possible, we employ natural, botanical solutions to landscape problems, opting for the least intrusive methodology. Our equipment is custom made to allow for these options, and technicians are trained to protect the natural balance on client properties.
  10. PRIDE – There is a certain satisfaction that comes from a job well done. When the rush of the day is over, our employees are proud of their work. Our clients are always very pleased, and we know that we did our part to make the world a better place.
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