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Japanese Stiltgrass


Japanese stiltgrass (Microstegium vimineum) was introduced into the United States in Tennessee around 1919. Today, stiltgrass has established itself as a major threat to plant life within the 16 eastern states it’s found in. It has a narrow pointed shape with a stripe on the leaf. It often grows with smart weed and is very hard to control. It spreads opportunistically forming dense patches that will compromise any native species in the area.

Well adapted to low light, Japanese stiltgrass will spread throughout shaded areas regardless if the area is dry or wet. It spreads by seed and each emerging plant can produce 100-1000 seeds that can remain in the soil for at least 3 years. As the seed germinates, the soil chemistry alters and the disturbance occurs for all vegetation in the area.

Well established populations can only be controlled with substantial investment of labor and resources over a long period of time. SavaLawn can provide an Integrated Application process to treat the infected area and help reduce the damage Japanese stiltgrass causes.

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