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Irrigation Innovations Service provided by Irrigation Innovations is your source for underground sprinkler design, complete installation, sprinkler repair & maintenance, drip irrigation, spring opening, fall closing, tennis court irrigation and more! Irrigation Innovations is a division of SavATree and is fully insured & licensed.

We can help any landscape grow!

Our professional designers will customize a state-of-the art system for your property – whether it be residential, commercial, an athletic field, a school, a mall, or other.

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Irrigation is a vital part of a healthy outdoor environment.

A well maintained system is an integral part of a luscious outdoor surrounding. Your state of the art water management program will deliver the precise amount of water to create a lush, green lawn. Expert irrigation system specialists will create a lawn irrigation program for you that is designed to meet the specific watering needs of your property. Having a quality lawn irrigation program will enhance the health and beauty of your landscape.


Irrigation Innovations can save you time and money.

Irrigation Innovations can help you do more than maintain a healthy and vibrant home landscape. Irrigation specialists use industry experience and expertise to service all your irrigation needs and create an efficient system that will save you time and money. Your specialist will check local codes, watering day restrictions, performance standards and other specific criteria that significantly impacts the design and maintenance of your system throughout the year.


We provide customized irrigation services, the highest quality equipment and have the most knowledgeable staff.


Beautiful Lawn Irrigation products work best when they are customized for your landscape. We use the highest quality commercial equipment and parts for your lawn system to help prevent potential hydraulic problems that can result in very expensive repairs. Your crew can also verify soil types, account for infiltration rates, and use their knowledge of regional weather patterns to develop an irrigation system that works in conjunction with the climate in your area of the Hamptons.

For additional information about how Irrigation Innovations can help you spend more time experiencing your landscape rather then maintaining your sprinkler and lawn irrigation system, contact us. OurĀ  technicians are always available to answer your questions, or discuss your customized lawn irrigation program. We look forward to helping you create a fabulous home landscape for you and your family to enjoy!

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