Show off your holiday spirit with our full-service lighting and decorating options.

We supply everything you need to be the brightest house on the block, including LED lights that take it easy on your utility bills. This season, skip buying lights and decorations—and taking them down and storing them away once the holiday is over.

“Many people think we just hang Christmas lights, but it’s so much more than that,” says John Swayze, Director of Décor Services at SavATree. “How we install our holiday lights is all about the details, which makes a dramatic difference you can see immediately. Our staff goes through an intense training program, not only on how to be safe, but also on how to guarantee a memorable experience throughout the holidays.”

Here’s how our lighting service works:

Consult. Our consultant evaluates your property and talks budget.

Design. We design an installation that highlights your home’s features.

Install. Our team installs and removes the lighting around your schedule.

Maintain. All-season maintenance and removal is included at no additional charge.

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Design offerings

It’s our goal to offer you a dramatic and elegant design that highlights the most beautiful parts of your home and property.

We proudly offer a wide range of decor elements, but some of our most popular are:

  • Color-changing lights
  • Wreaths and garlands for daytime color
  • Roof-line and window lighting
  • Ground lighting and illuminated walkways
  • Tree and shrub illumination


Q: Are there additional charges to replace a bulb that no longer works?

No. We’ll perform onsite maintenance to make sure your lights are working to your satisfaction during the duration of the holiday lighting season.

Q: Is there a difference between our lights and the ones you buy at local retailers?

Yes! All our lights are commercial-grade LEDs, with denser clusters of lights, weather-proofing, and increased energy efficiency.

Q: Is there any extra cost to store the lighting for next year?

No. We don’t tack on extra fees. Our programs are all-inclusive, meaning that design, installation, take-down, storage and maintenance are part of the package.

Q: Can we decide when the decorations get removed?

We know some people like to leave their decorations up for longer, while others are ready to take them down as soon as the season end. We’re happy to work around your schedule.

Get in touch for a quote or take a look at our photo gallery.