Organic Care

Green Credentials

SavATree is an industry leader in the green initiative. We’ve been recognized by several green groups:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Environmental Performance Track

National Environmental Performance Track

An EPA partnership program designed to encourage environmental excellence. The criteria for acceptance is rigorous. Member companies must have a strong environmental record, commit to four challenging environmental goals, have internal systems in place to manage environmental impacts, and have a dedication to continuous improvement. Members report annually on the progress towards their three year goals and work within their communities to encourage environmental awareness. SavATree has committed to the following four goals:

  • Green Energy – Investments that will result in a decrease of 315 net metric tons of CO2.
  • Green Fertilizing – Increases in use of slow-release fertilizers that will reduce the annual use of nitrogen applied per property from 56,000 to 38,500 pounds.
  • Green Communication – Increases in paperless options for customers to receive correspondence such as invoices, statements and service information. Increases in percentage of recycled content for traditional correspondence.
  • Green Habitat – Conserve at least 96 acres of land and habitat via community service projects that focus on landscape restoration and tree planting.

Audubon International

Audubon International Partner for the Environment

Audubon International

SavATree has partnered with Audubon International, whose mission is to educate, assist, and inspire millions of people from all walks of life to protect and sustain the land, water, wildlife, and natural resources around them. All SavATree branches received recognition for our Go Green Initiative which included efforts to reduce energy use, carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System Membership

The SavATree corporate headquarters maintains active membership in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System, and received a certificate in Environmental Planning for the implementation of an environmental management plan and the completion of projects that improve efficiency, conserve resources, and promote preservation efforts.

Review SavATree’s Environmental Policy.