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Do you want to reduce the population of destructive pests invading your plants, naturally? Well now a revolutionary method to attract beneficial, pest-fighting, insects to your property is available—introducing PredaLure.

Years of scientific research has shown that when attacked, plants give off chemicals that signal to other plants that danger is near. The chemical also gives off a scent that attracts the natural predator of the insect or mite to help defend the plant (in other words a dinner invitation).

By applying this fascinating knowledge of innate defense systems to many intensive experiments, scientists have been able to identify the various chemicals plant species give off when in distress, and artificially imitate their signals— developing, a biological pest control for crops and plants in the landscape.

How It Works

A controlled release pack is inconspicuously placed on the plant. The pack releases effective rates of the attractant for 4 weeks, luring the beneficial predator to the plant, thereby controlling enemy pests.

What Insects it Attracts:

  • Lacewing: larva preys on mites, aphids, mealybugs, whiteflies and caterpillars to name a few (eggs included). Each larva can kill 30-50 aphids per day.
  • Syrphids: larva feed on all soft-bodied insects and can devour 200-800 aphids in a 7-10 day period.
  • Lady beetle: preys on beetle eggs/larva, aphids, mites, crawlers, scales, and caterpillars.

PredaLure provides SavATree customers with another environmentally-friendly alternative for plant healthcare.

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