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Lawn Care: Grass Seeds Are Not Created Equal

Choosing the right grass seed is important in establishing a new lawn or renovating and existing one. Before you purchase seed at your favorite garden store, you will want to take note of the environmental and human conditions that will impact the success of your lawn care. A number of factors such as sun and shade, soil conditions, traffic levels and competing landscape plantings should dictate which types of grass to plant.

Furthermore, grass seeds have varying characteristics such as color, texture, disease resistance, winter hardiness and wear tolerance which will influence where they should be planted. If planting seeds is not something you’d like to do yourself, be sure to ask your lawn care specialist about SavATree / SavaLawn’s slice seeding service.

If you decide to plant the grass seeds on your own, be sure to inform your lawn care specialist so that the appropriate adjustments can be made to your program. Once you arrive at the garden store you will need to carefully read the label of each package to understand what’s inside. The label will identify the percentage of each variety (there are hundreds of varieties for each grass seed type). Also, look at the percentages of weed and crop. Both should be near or at 0%. Purchase the grass mixture(s) which contain the types of grass seed needed to address the needs of your lawn. The most expensive grass seed usually contains the newest and best varieties of grass. Use the chart below to help you choose the right seed.

Grass Type Identifying Qualities Key Characteristics
Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Rich blue-green color
  • Fine texture
  • Best in sun
  • Germinates slowly
  • Heat & drought tolerant
  • Insect & disease resistant varieties available
  • Fills in open areas
Perennial Ryegrass
  • Medium green color
  • High wear tolerance
  • Germinates quickly
  • Insect & disease resistant varieties available
  • Endophyte enhanced varieties available
  • Does not fill open areas
Fine Fescue

(creeping, red, hard, chewing, )

  • Dark green color
  • Very fine texture
  • Good “companion” in mix with Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass
  • High shade tolerance
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Germinates quickly


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