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tree service doraville ga

Lawn Service & Tree Care in Doraville

The certified arborists, specialists and crew members working out of SavATree’s Norcross, GA branch are responsible for providing excellent tree, shrub and lawn care services to clients in the Doraville area. SavATree takes a lot of pride in our meticulous work, professionalism and knowledge of the industry. We put a lot of effort into making sure our customers’ needs and wants are met while using the best and most environmentally conscious products on the market. You will not be disappointed in your experience with our team. Contact us now to schedule your free consultation with a certified arborist.

doraville emergency tree removal

Emergency Tree Removal in Doraville, GA

Hurricanes and other wind storms can cause a lot of damage to your property. In the case of fallen or irreversibly damaged trees, SavATree is equipped with the best technology to safely and professionally remove trees after a storm. We’re here to help. Contact us.



arborist doraville ga

Doraville Certified Arborist

Each arborist out of our Norcross branch is professionally trained to assess properties in the Doraville area for threats to your trees, shrubs and lawn that you may not even be aware of. Catch diseases, harmful insects and damaged trees and branches that may cause a safety threat before it’s too late! Call a SavATree arborist.



tree pruning doraville

Tree Trimming in Doraville

Much like humans, trees require a lot of care to remain healthy and grow properly. Tree trimming should be part of every tree’s regular maintenance. SavATree’s crews are highly skilled in pruning trees of all sizes and taking on complicated jobs. We take multiple safety measures so even the most complicated jobs are taken care of in the most professional manner. Not to mention we are meticulous about clean-up. Contact us today for a free consultation and see if your trees would benefit from trimming!


doraville tree removal

Doraville Tree Removal

Although we do our best to preserve and restore trees that have been affected by disease, sometimes they become weakened to a point where they can pose a safety risk to your home. In these cases, trees often need to be removed. When removing trees, especially large and complicated jobs, it is very important to hire a professional tree care company with strong credentials. In the Atlanta area, SavATree is the best of the best. Get in touch with us!


Lawn Care in Dorville, Georgialawn care doraville

Trees aren’t the only things we love. Our arborists also have a passion for maintaining beautiful, lush, green lawns. Both our all-nutrient and organic lawn care programs are safe and effective. If you would like to achieve the beautiful, weed-free, disease-free landscape of your dreams, look no further than the SavATree service division.