New and Improved Ultrasonic Units from DeerTech are here!

Upgrade Your Units Now

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They’re here… the next generation of ultrasound devices to deter deer browsing on your landscape plantings. Called the 2020s, the new ultrasound units draw on over a decade of research, field evaluations, testing and the latest technological advancements. Deer deterrence has been improved by 64% over the previous devices to more effectively protect landscape plantings and keep them looking their best year round.

The new proprietary devices feature these improvements:

  • Less noticeable (40% reduction in size)
  • Greater range of sound
  • More energy efficient, motion activated
  • Unit programming capability on site
  • Integrated sleep mode
  • More effective
As a valued customer, we are pleased to offer an upgrade of your units at cost. This is a limited time offer so contact us today for a quote and greater protection against deer damage. Call (914) 919-3000 today.