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DeerTech Protects the 9/11 Memorial Garden in New Castle, NY

On May 1, 2012, the New Castle 9/11 Memorial Garden situated within Gedney Park (161 Millwood Road, New Castle, New York) was planted with a collection of 450 new perennials to realize the original design intended for the site. The project was a result of the combined efforts of the Chappaqua Garden Club, the Town of New Castle, and DeerTech, a SavATree Company.

When New Castle originally developed a design for the 9/11 Memorial Garden, there were to be a number of perennial plantings interspersed with the benches and pathways that comprise the memorial. However, funding issues and a concern for deer browsing resulted in the omission of the plantings.

At the Town’s request, the Chappaqua Garden Club evaluated the site and hatched a plan to complete the garden. In accordance with the original design, Judy Leheny, the Club’s perennial plant expert, developed a plant palette composed of red, white and blue flowers that are native to the region and noted for their resistance to deer browsing.

Regardless, because the garden is located in an open space adjacent to a natural area, the Club knew that deer browsing would become an issue, no matter how resistant the plants may be. For help, the Club turned to Redmond Tsao.

DeerTech donated a complete deer deterrent system for the duration of one calendar year. The system features DeerTech’s patented “Three Circles of Protection” plan

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