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DeerTech Protects the Historic Lyndhurst Estate

ID_sk1DeerTech began protection of the Lyndhurst Estate in Tarrytown, NY back in 2005. A sprawling National Historic Trust property, Lyndhurst was the home of the wealthy Gould family whose passion for horticulture lives on to this day on the impeccably maintained grounds.

When the Lyndhurst Estate contacted DeerTech they were struggling with a deer infestation that was changing the landscape of the property. The Rock Garden, Fern Garden and historic Rose Garden were all suffering from extensive deer damage. The Rose Garden was particularly hard hit and, as the site for countless weddings over the years, the deer damage was an economic as well as aesthetic concern.

DeerTech’s Three Circles of Protection allowed these gardens to rebound over the course of the spring and summer. Lyndhurst was even kind enough to allow DeerTech a research space on the property, where we test newly developed New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware deer control strategies. Come visit Lyndhurst and see DeerTech in action!

Read about why our Three Circles of Protection Program is so successful. Take look at our for the trade and tick control pages where you can find out more information about DeerTech. We also offer deer fencing and deer repellent to our customers.

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