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SavATree’s Greg Van Steinburgh discusses safe solutions to protect your property from hungry deer.


Hungry deer are smart. They can and will find a way onto your property and once there, they can wreak havoc on your plants and landscape. Fortunately, you can rely on SavATree and DeerTech — two experts in deer control services that together offer an unmatched level of expertise.

Deer Control

Deer Control Solutions

Our qualified Specialists provide service that goes far beyond industry standard. We’ll assess your property in order to determine the solution that’s best for you, your needs and preferences.

Our full range of solutions are both effective and safe for your plantings, family and pets. And we don’t stop there! We are continually looking for new and innovative ways to help you stay ahead of hungry deer.

DeerTech Three Circles of Protection

DeerTech’s, a SavATree company, patented Three Circles of Protection effectively protects valuable shrubs and plants from hungry deer. The service combines a patented ultra-sound technology with a proprietary treatment program. Combining these two methodologies adds maximum protection to prevent deer from adapting. This is a full year program and the best way of preventing deer damage 12 months of the year.

Deer Deterrent Plants & Treatments

Plant Protection from Deer

Foliar treatments and scents are strategically applied to plantings to deter deer from eating. Different products are used at different times of year to address seasonal deer pressure and prevent adaptation.

Repellent Applications

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