Deer Deterrent & Prevention

Ultrasonic Deer Repellent & Deer Deterrent Programs

Hungry deer are smart deer. Once they’ve found a property they like, they can wreak havoc on your plants and landscape. Fortunately, you can rely on SavATree and DeerTech—two experts in deer control services that together offer an unmatched level of expertise.

Our qualified specialists assess your property to determine deer feeding patterns and create a plan that helps. The solutions we offer are safe for your plantings, family, and pets.

When it comes to protecting your yard and plants from deer, we have two solutions:

DeerTech Three Circles of Protection

deer in woods

DeerTech’s Three Circles of Protection defends valuable shrubs and plants from hungry deer year-round. The service combines:

  • Patented ultrasonic sound units
  • Proprietary treatment program
  • Constant adjusting to prevent deer from adapting

Learn more about the Three Circles of Protection here.

Deer Deterrent Treatments

If your goal is seasonal protection, foliar treatments and scents are the way to go. These are strategically applied to plantings to address seasonal deer pressure and prevent adaptation.

Learn more about our options here: