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Deer Deterrent

Homeowners and property managers alike are constantly asking the question: “How can I remove deer from my landscape?” The truth is, deer are hard to remove, but you can keep them from grazing on your vegetable gardens, perusing your fruit trees and shrubs and damaging your favorite seasonal flowers.

Preserving the hard work you put into your property can be simple with professional help. SavATree offers an effective deer deterrent option to discourage deer from wreaking havoc on your landscaping.

What is the best deer deterrent?

Our Three Circles of Protection program, a solution by DeerTech, offers a year-round treatment that combines sound, deer repellent sprays and continuous adjustments to prevent deer adaptation. We find our Three Circles of Protection program to be the most effective solution for preventing landscape damage where deer are a significant problem.

With the Three Circles of Protection program, you benefit from a comprehensive program of deer deterrent.

1. Sound

We use proprietary ultrasonic units to emit sounds that are bothersome to deer but unnoticeable to humans. This white noise method works as an assumed threat to deer.

The motion sensor triggers the sounds when deer are near, which makes them uncomfortable because they are unable to listen for predators. When their hearing is compromised, it removes their safety net and makes them less likely to eat in your space.

The units are unobtrusive, energy-efficient and feature on-site programming capability, allowing the technician to make adjustments on a regular basis. The original model was tested by Cornell University, and we regularly test the new units to ensure they live up to the same standard.

2. Repellent

The combination of foliar deer repellents with ultrasonic sound makes deer feel too unstable to eat in your environment. We use all-natural odor and taste repellents to treat plants safely, while deer find the smell and taste unappetizing. In other words, your plants, trees and shrubs will no longer be appealing to deer, thus reducing their interest in damaging your landscape.

3. Switch

Over time, deer adapt to the repellents and deterrents. This is why DeerTech switches things up to keep deer on their toes and unable to adjust to what they think is now normal.

Deer are creatures of habit — they don’t like changes in their environment. New smells and sounds scare them. To ensure they don’t identify your property as a safe space, one of our field specialists will inspect landscape plantings for deer damage and adjust the sounds and applications to increase protection.

How do you apply deer deterrent?

Assess the property

As the first step in implementing SavATree’s Three Circles of Protection program, one of our trained arborists will come to your property for a consultation. Your arborist gives a thorough evaluation of your property, listens to your pain points and assesses your plant material. At this time, your arborist will determine if your property would benefit from the Three Circles of Protection program.

Flag off the determined area

To begin implementing the Three Circles of Protection, our specialist will flag off the perimeter — each unit should be placed strategically to form a triangle of protection. Your arborist will also locate the power source outside of the home.

Begin the installation process

Next, your specialist will arrange for one of our DeerTech installers to come to the property and evaluate the site map to determine if the wiring can be installed based on the current location of the units. If the plan is determined successful, the installer will place a low voltage wire three inches underground to connect to the deer deterrent units.

When should deer deterrent be applied?

Choosing when to apply a deer deterrent solution varies on a case-by-case basis. Perhaps you’re a homeowner who just invested in new plants and shrubs, and you’re looking for an option to safeguard your greenery immediately. Or, maybe you’re a commercial property manager who’s ready to put an end to the damage caused by the deer roaming your landscape over the years.

The short answer is you can start the Three Circles of Protection program at any given time. Because it’s a year-round solution, one of   can come to your property the moment you realize it’s time to make a change and protect your plants.

Will deer deterrents hurt your plants?

The Three Circles of Protection program is humane to both deer and plants.

Your arborist is trained to find the perfect spot for the ultrasonic devices that’s effective yet unobtrusive. During this consultation, your specialist will be sure to strategically place them without damaging your trees and shrubs.

Our all-natural approach to deterring deer is equally effective at protecting your property. Nothing we do is detrimental to your grounds, nor your trees, shrubs, flowers and plants.

SavATree team, can you confirm that you’re OK with us switching between “your arborist” and “our arborist” depending on the context? Per our last call and your last round of edits, we’re trying to avoid “the arborist.”

Why do we recommend these deer deterrents?

At SavATree, we take pride in our DeerTech solution — it’s an effective option for deer control that doesn’t harm deer, pets or people. By employing professionals with expertise in deer behavior, partnering with Cornell University specialists on deer research and undertaking extensive field testing, we’re confident that we’ve created the best deer prevention solution on the market. Product development and field experience on thousands of properties in high deer pressure areas has proven DeerTech’s effectiveness — as has our over 95% customer satisfaction rate.

We understand that our customers spend a lot of time and money maintaining their properties, and you want your beautiful landscape to last all year or season long.

Finding the right deer deterrent for your property doesn’t have to be complicated. At SavATree, we want you to feel comfortable and confident that our arborists can devise a plan to stop the damage caused by deer. We can offer you a safe, effective and humane option for keeping your landscaping in top shape without hurting any deer that frequent your space.

Ready to get one of our arborists to your property for a proper Three Circles of Protection consultation? Contact us today to get the process started.

SavATree provides the following services:

DeerTech Ultrasonic Unit

Wondering how to stop deer from eating your plants?

DeerTech (a SavATree company) offers a solution that combines sound, deer repellent treatments, and continuously switching things up to prevent deer adaptation. Our solution is far more effective than deer fencing or repellent treatments alone.

winter deer feeding

Have you ever wondered what do hungry deer eat in the winter?

As temperatures drop in the winter, food sources grow scarce and hungry deer get desperate. Unfortunately, when their summer food sources disappear the likely menu items become your ornamental trees and shrubs. During severe winters almost all available plants are on the menu. The threat increases with heavy snowfall and cold temperature

Deer eating grass

Our clear repellent treatment programs can be tailored to the needs and dynamics of your property and landscape. Choose as many treatments as you’d like, and protect your plants from hungry deer all year long!

Call (800) 341-8733 today for a free consultation with our trained and certified experts.