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Tree care industry certified arborists, lawn and tree care specialists, and crew members at SavATree have built and maintained a reputation as the premier tree service providers in the tree care industry. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority of our diverse team of plant health care specialists, lawn and tree care technicians and office staff. We take great pride in earning client praise for professional expertise, quality workmanship, outstanding customer service, and overall reliability in the tree care industry. Our award winning team of certified arborists is committed to arboricultural excellence and is proud to meet the individual tree and lawn care needs of every landscape we serve.

TCIA Awards

Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Accreditation

Tree care industry companies can be hired with confidence when they have earned the TCIA accredited company seal. SavATree is very proud to be distinguished as the first company in the U.S. to receive multi-state TCIA accreditation for all of its branch locations throughout the northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. TCIA accreditation means SavATree adheres to all the accreditation standards in every branch location. SavATree will undergo a yearly continuous audit process to uphold their accreditation. The annual analysis ensures that the required number of certified arborists are still on staff, that the company is still properly insured and that the company has a good safety and consumer satisfaction rating.

Tree Service Affiliations and Industry Standards

Service quality and professionalism can also be measured by a company’s affiliations with associations that set the standard of excellence for their industry. SavATree and SavaLawn are active members of many reputable organizations including the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and the Cape Cod Landscape Association (CCLA). We also follow operational guidelines and strictly adhere to the lawn and tree care safety standards outlined by the American National Standards Institute’s A300 document.

Awards and Special Recognition

Each year, the Tree Care Industry Association recognizes companies that complete projects approaching the pinnacle of arboricultural excellence and provide a significant contribution to the community at large. They also recognize exemplary safety records. We are very proud to have achieved several of these honors.

State and Industry Certification

SavATree employs arborists who are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) in addition to holding Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts state certifications and/or lawn and tree care licenses where applicable. SavATree’s Director of General Tree Care, Safety and Training is a TCIA Certified Treecare Safety Professional. Learn more about ISA certification.

Licenses and Insurance For Lawn and Tree Care

SavATree and SavaLawn is fully insured and licensed according to the laws that govern each state in which we provide expert lawn and tree care. For additional lawn and tree care industry information, contact us.
National Environmental Performance Track

Green Credentials & Environmental Policy

Green Energy – Investments that will result in a decrease of 315 net metric tons of CO2U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Environmental Performance Track
Performance Track is an EPA partnership program designed to encourage environmental excellence. Among the criteria for acceptance in Performance Track are having a strong environmental record, committing to four challenging environmental goals, having internal systems in place to manage environmental impacts and a dedication to continuous improvement. Members report annually on the progress towards their three year goals and work within their communities to encourage environmental awareness. SavATree has committed to the following three goals:

  • Green Fertilizing – Increases in use of slow-release fertilizers that will reduce the annual use of nitrogen applied per property from 56,000 to 38,500 pounds.
  • Green Communication – Increases in paperless options for customers to receive correspondence such as invoices, statements and service information. Increases in percentage of recycled content for traditional correspondence.
  • Green Habitat – Conservation of 60 acres of land and habitat by 2006, and 96 acres by 2010, via additional community service projects that focus on landscape restoration and tree planting.

Audubon International

Audubon Partner for the Environment. SavATree has partnered with Audubon International, whose mission is to educate, assist, and inspire millions of people from all walks of life to protect and sustain the land, water, wildlife, and natural resources around them. All SavATree branches received recognition for our Go Green Initiative which included efforts to reduce energy use, carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

In addition, SavATree received a certificate in Environmental Planning for the implementation of an environmental management plan and the completion of projects that improve efficiency, conserve resources, and promote preservation efforts.

Audubon International

Environmental Policy

SavATree proudly provides stewardship for over 26,000 properties throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, promoting a sustainable landscape and the unique relationship between people and their surroundings. As a premier tree, shrub and lawn care company we enhance and preserve resident, business and community properties, providing clients with expertise in arboriculture and green program options to help them maintain a healthy, safe and beautiful landscape.

Our commitment to the environment is evident in our philosophy and approach to responsible tree, shrub and lawn care:

  • Consider environmental impacts in all aspects of our business
  • Strive to continually improve environmental performance through product evaluations, monitoring, review of procedures and employee and client input
  • Seek to prevent pollution before it is produced, reduce amount of waste and emissions
  • Adhere to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) procedures and promote cultural, biological and organic program options
  • Manage land, water, and timber resources in an environmentally sensitive manner
  • Use energy efficiently throughout our operation
  • Re-use and recycle whenever possible
  • Use environmentally sensitive materials
  • Comply with all local, state and federal laws
  • Communicate information on environmental performance and the operation of our Environmental Management System (EMS) with the community, our employees and our clients.

Established: 1985 | Revised: July 5, 2007

Tree Fund

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