Tree Inventory

tree inventory

What is a Tree Inventory?

A tree inventory is an assessment that focuses on the individual attributes of trees. The SavATree Consulting Group is frequently employed to help clients make informed decisions about the care of their trees, plan projects accordingly and increase productivity of their crews. Using state-of-the-art software, our team can geo-tag each tree in a given area and make notes on the area and each tree’s individual characteristics including:

  • Quantity of trees
  • Diameter
  • Species
  • General condition and health
  • Size characteristics
  • Damage
  • Special conditions
  • Recommended management activities
  • Priority level to perform recommended activities (low, medium, high, critical)

The SavATree Consulting Group has many years of experience performing tree inventories for clients. Some of the clients we have worked with include Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, Kings Way Condo Trust and Discover Financial Services. We have helped establish a comprehensive database of actionable intelligence for their trees that will allow them to make informed decision in the care of their property.

Tree Management Planning

We can take your tree inventory data and put it into a plan of action to help you make proactive tree management decisions. This will include recommendations on tree management activities and prioritization of those activities so you can address the most important issues first.

We complete a thorough assessment, making sure there is a plan of action for each tree. We can also connect you with our traditional tree services if we service the area which your property is located in.


Tree Canopy Assessment

The goal of completing a tree canopy assessment is to give the client a thorough report of the percentage of a city, town or piece of land which is covered by tree canopy and understand the potential tree canopy that could cover the land.

Trees have been shown to improve water quality, reduce storm water runoff, decrease energy use in buildings, remove air pollution, enhance quality of life, and increase property values. Improving canopy cover gives cities a chance to improve their climate resilience while enhancing community sentiment and public health.

A recent study we completed assessed the canopy over Los Angeles, California. Among our key findings:

  • 25% of the city’s and 18% of the county’s land is covered by tree canopy.
  • Roughly 1/5 (18%) of the city’s canopy grows in 1/10 (8%) of the total land area, occupied by just 1% of the population.
  • There has been a significant decline in tree canopy on residential land parcels since 2000.
  • For the City of LA, tree canopy is concentrated on residential parcels of land. Residential land also represents the largest area for improvement.

These findings will allow the city to plan for new tree planting and increase their canopy coverage. For more information on this study, watch this presentation by SavATree Consulting Group Director Mike Galvin:

Tree Assessment & Forecasting

Another important aspect of managing trees on a property you own or manage is understanding the risk associated with owning trees and the possibility of trees falling and damaging property. During your tree inventory, we can also create a prediction of possible scenarios of what could happen to your tree or trees if something were to happen or the potential damage that tree failure could cause.

The benefits of healthy trees are unmatched, which is why it is so vital to properly care for each and every one. Like humans, trees each have their own unique identifiers, problems and type of treatment they need. With a SavATree Consulting Group Tree Inventory, you can ensure that you will receive top-notch recommendations from experienced professionals that will help you to properly manage each and every tree on your property to keep your landscape and your visitors happy!

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