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Meet Sibyl Weise

Consulting Arborist at SavATree

Sibyl is located out in the Hillsboro, Oregon branch in the Pacific Northwest. Sibyl has worked in many branches within the field of forestry. She’s worked in Federal and State government Parks and Natural Areas as well as worked in the private tree health care sector. In addition, Sibyl takes active participation in arboriculture research projects such as the U.S. Forest Service National Tree Biomass Project and Portland’s Tree Inventory Project. Graduated in 2015 from Oregon State University with a degree in Natural Resources.

Why I became an arborist?

“I became an Arborist because I love the natural world and the science behind it. It’s made me happiest knowing I get to spend time protecting something I love.”


-ISA Certified Arborist (PN-8718A)

-ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

-Herbicide/Insecticide License (AG-L1051009CPA)

Customer Service Philosophy:

“I want customers to have all the information to make the right decision for them and their trees. One of my greatest strengths is understanding the science behind tree care. I want to use my strength to benefit my customers.”