Landscape Assessment & Evaluation

A beautiful landscape can add as much as 20% to the value of the property. Safeguard your company’s valuable asset by making sure you understand how to best care for it with a comprehensive landscape evaluation. Knowledge is power – and a landscape evaluation can give you the facts you need to maintain the property’s lasting health, beauty and value.

Commercial Landscape Evaluation Services

The Consulting Group has over two decades of experience providing private, institutional, municipal and commercial landscape evaluation services. Knowing the conditions specific to your property and the current condition of the trees, shrubs and plantings in your landscape can make the task of managing it much easier. Our arborists will conduct a complete inspection and analysis of your landscape with respect to:

  • Soil conditions
  • Grading
  • Size
  • Location
  • Species characteristics
  • Age
  • Structural stability
  • Proximity to occupied structures
  • Plant health care concerns

…and more.

As part of your property evaluation, you will receive a detailed report of the current status of your property as well as customized prioritized recommendations that address immediate concerns and long-term maintenance planning.

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