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Tree Pruning Service and Home Tree Care To Reduce Hazards and Help Protect Your Family

Request a child safety audit from a professional arborist.

Tree Pruning For Safety

In order to help minimize risk within your property, you will need a tree service to help you identify potential hazards, and that has your child’s safety in mind. SavATree is a tree service company that places a great deal of importance on safety. You can have peace of mind knowing that while we are fulfilling your home tree care needs by periodically pruning your landscape, we are also helping you protect your family. Tree pruning is one of the most important cultural and managerial practices for any home. ISA certified arborists at SavATree will provide you with tree services that will help maximize the safety and healthy appearance of your property.

SavATree’s tree services such as tree pruning, cabling and bracing will help manage and improve the overall strength and structure of your trees. Certified tree service experts will examine and diagnose trees to mitigate hidden decay and structural weaknesses. Tree pruning for safety may include the selective removal of dead, dying or diseased, and weak branches. Removal of lower limbs may also be recommended by a tree service specialist to provide clearance. Branches in overgrown shrubs may be a hazard to your child and can also be managed by tree pruning. Under the guidance of your certified arborist, your trees and shrubs can be maintained through tree pruning to manage potential hazards and improve their stability and appearance.

The safety of you and your family is our primary concern! If you suspect a tree has become unsafe, or are in a full blown emergency, please contact us right away by locating the office nearest you.

Tick Programs

The risk of exposure to Lyme disease-carrying ticks is greatest in the woods and garden fringe area, but ticks can also be carried into your lawn by animals such as small rodents. Integrated tick control treatments concentrating on the lawn perimeter areas provide the greatest protection by quickly reducing the number of active ticks in your landscape. In addition to these tick control treatments, we recommend the use of Damminix in mouse habitats to reduce tick populations without harming wildlife.

Poisonous Plants and Vines

Many seemingly common plants and flowers in your yard may be harmful to you and your children. Certain plant parts contain poisons, stimulants or other compounds that can cause adverse reactions and may even be fatal. A thorough inspection and diagnosis of your landscape by one of our professionally trained arborists will identify poisonous plants such as Laurels, Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Lily-of-the-Valley. Poison ivy, and oak and sumac (whose oils produce an itchy rash) is always a concern. Poison ivy treatment may be recommended by our tree service professionals to remove vines growing in the manicured areas of your property.

Home Tree Care Services For Stinging and Biting Insects

Some insects are a nuisance and several spread disease or cause pain to little bodies by biting and stinging. A tree service expert will help you manage insect and disease conditions in your yard, and provide a safer and more pleasurable environment for enjoying the health benefits of outdoor play.

Lush, Thick Turf

A cushy lawn is the perfect blanket for picnics, games and running (or falling)! At SavaLawn, we have organic and all nutrient lawn care programs that are free from pesticides, yet effective. Even our integrated program uses a minimal amount of materials, only where needed, through our spot treatment approach. But in the end, the choice is yours.

SavATree and SavaLawn is fully insured and licensed according to the laws that govern each state in which we provide expert home tree care services, shrub services and lawn care. Click or call today for complimentary consultation and child safety audit from our fully trained and certified professionals to care for all of your emergency tree service, tree removal, woodlot managment and home tree care needs. Click here to contact the office nearest you.

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